Starfish Hunt and Tropical Plants!- Now Released!

A new event, let’s check it out!

there is a medal

Update: There is a medal!

Limited Items:

waterpark li

Geez these are expensive. But I bought the romper because it’s so cute!

  • Hair: 1,500 gold; 3,000 stars
  • Glasses: 800 gold; 1,600 stars
  • Romper: 3,500 gold; 7,000 stars
  • Bracelet: 800 gold; 1,600 stars
  • Shoes: 600 gold; 1,600 stars
  • Board: 2,000 gold; 4,000 stars

Starfish Hunt!


So basically there will be this little arrow rollover thing. Click on it.

aroow pulled

There is a red team and a blue team. Wearing the new limited items will make more starfish appear.


Starfish look like that. ^^

The hunts are every 30 minutes. I don’t really like this event though.

starfish hunt prize

If you win, you get this prize, members get 2x the stars.

The starfish are in the same places the orbs were in the Blackout event. 😉

Limited Plants For Your Farm!

starfish plants

If you plant these plants, you just get stars. No leveling up or anything.


That’s the pineapple and coconut plants once grown.

Overall View:

There isn’t any medal that I’ve seen. The items are expensive. The hunt is boring. This isn’t a very fun addition.

Outfit of This Event


I love this outfit,  beachy and cute. And very expensive so that celebrities can wear it.

cutiecake signature yay finally


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