How to Change Your Font On Fantage!


Recently, I have changed my font on Fantage and I love it. It makes playing Fantage a bit more fun and personalized! You will need Google Chrome to change your font.

P.S.- If you’re a member, your text bubble won’t be changed which kills me. 😦

Anyways, lets get to it!


First, you are going to need Chrome.


In Chrome, click on that Toolbar thing. It’s in the upper right hand corner.

Go to Settings. I can’t screenshot it. 😦 It’s one of the bottom things in the Toolbar.


And now, in Settings, search for font.

custom fonts

When you see that, click Custom fonts.

custom fonts and encoding

Now this should pop up.

sans serif font

See the Sans-serif box? You need to change the font in that box. I am currently using Century Gothic, and I’m loving it! 😛

your font is now changed

Now you can  log onto Fantage and your font will be changed!

cutiecake signature yay finally


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