Thinking of Starting a Fashion/ Life Blog!

As you have read in the title, I’m thinking of starting a Fashion/Life blog!

I already grabbed the url so nobody could steal my idea. It’s

I think I’ll make it a fashion blog. 😀

cutiecake signature yay finally


12 thoughts on “Thinking of Starting a Fashion/ Life Blog!

      1. Yeah, I understand if you ever get bored of Fantage, to be honest I only go on it because I have a secret obsession of getting as many rare items that are worth a lot. In my personal opinion revealing your first name isn’t risky since you’ll probably share it with many other people, but once you reveal your last name that’s when it gets concerning. But if you’re like me and you have a very common full name, revealing my full name is no problem. There are literally two other people in my city who have the same name as me, so occasionally I get phone calls for me but are meant for another Anna. -__-

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