Fantage Tomato Event – 2015!

The Tomato Event!!! It’s here!

Sorry for late post, Cutiecake– I was busy 😦

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 7.16.38 PM

Tomato Festival – 2015 ^^

Event Info:

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 7.17.50 PM

Tomato Harvest! 8/20-9/2

“We need Tomatoes for next week’s tomato festival. Grow tomatoes at your farm and exchange them into gift boxes! There are three types of gift boxes and you will receive random items from each box. *Spectacular box can be traded only with gold.”

*All tomatoes will be deleted after the event, so remember to use all the tomatoes before the end of the event!

Wow, I’m excited for this!

Limited Items:

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 7.21.16 PM

Hair – 2,000 gold or 4,000 stars
Shirt – 2,000 gold or 4,000 stars
Shorts – 2,000 gold or 4,000 stars
Shoes – 600 gold or 1,200 stars
Board – 2,000 gold or 4,000 stars

Fantage a little too lazy on this one… 😦 Wait until you see the amazing prizes…

You first click on the icon on the left side of your screen called “Exchange Tomatoes”

It should pop up with the amount of tomatoes you have, and the prizes. Click Prize Options, and there are your prizes!!!

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 7.24.36 PMDang, those items are pretty good!!!

10 tomatoes – Normal Box
20 tomatoes – Special Box
1,000 gold – Spectacular Box

Edit by cutiecake- There is a glitch where 1,000 gold=5 boxes actually! That’s how I have multiples of every item!

Now no one wants to spend 1,000 gold on the Spectacular box. That hair is amazing, right? You can get it at MyMall for 500 gold if you’re lucky. That hair sells out in seconds! Make sure to grab it as quick as you can!

The shorts and the shirt is really pretty too 🙂 But it doesn’t sell as quick as the hair does.

Luckily I got the hair from the amazing Blizz99, owner of Fantagious Fantage. Please check out her blog ❤

I might style the hair later for you guys C:

Well, that’s all for the Tomato Event! Can’t wait for Part 2- I hope it’s gonna be amazing ❤

Bye my lovelies c;

xoxo mangos7418


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