What to do with Free Premium Membership

Hey guys! I decided to post this because my friend Lolly was kind of bored when I went on her server. She asked me what to do with premium membership, so here you go~

1: Mymall.

I’m pretty sure mostly all of us went to mymall the first thing after the pop up thing for free membership. The best part about being member in mymall is free search. You know that stupid thing that costs 20 gold? Yep. All free.

Also, for kiosk prices its half off. The 1 day costs 300, so our price is 150. Very nice!

2: Trendsetter items.

If you have didn’t know, there is a little mini store that’s hidden in the Hall of Fame. You click on the Trendsetter thing and then there’s a little button called “Trendsetter Items” I believe.

It costs ecoins, so if you have a bunch of ecoins, spend it!

But for members, we can buy it with stars!! If you have a bunch of stars, it’s your lucky day 🙂

3: Level up items.

So when you get membership, you probably level up from about 20-100 levels. With that, you can get free stuff by earning a certain level. I’ve recently got the pink feather board, pink dinosaur board, something wand, and a bunch more.

I’m pretty sure these will not be allowed to be worn after free member week, but I think you can sell it at Lucky Bob’s or something…

4: Access the VIP room.

This isn’t really a big one, but it’s a pretty good hangout. Not a lot of people go there, because they go to the BFF photo booth. The VIP room is basically a BFF photo booth! You can access Fantage’s wardrobe from there as well. Also, a woman to the left (I forgot her name) can rate you for a type of theme.

5: PM boutique.

I went on Fantage to go to PM boutique to get something, but it didn’t allow me… so yeah. I just added this here because… uhh


That’s my list! If you can think of anything else, comment down below!

Mahalo! (I’m pretty sure that means Thank you in Hawaii.)

xoxo mangos7418


12 thoughts on “What to do with Free Premium Membership

  1. Note for trendsetter items! If you bought them with stars, once your pm is over you can’t wear them again. And you can’t buy them back with ecoins >< I suggest just to buy them with ecoins.


  2. Here is what else you could do: Sell the PM board in MyMall in the future, and buy limited items and sell them in the future as well. Also get the pets, and get the free pet items!


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