Shop Item Challenge! #ShopItems

Hi everyone! I’ve recently been in LOVE with shop items~! I made this challenge up and here are the rules!

  • You can only use shop items….no rares, vintage, limited or MyMall.
  • Must use the #ShopItems
  • Have fun!

Here’s my outfit which I came up with!

challenge<– Oops the shoes are rare, thanks Lydia for pointing that out! 😉

challenge 2<— Okay so this is my new outfit!!!

And the great part about this tag is that…you can find out about shop items and get them for yourself!

Tweet this challenge to me @Fantagebirds withe the hashtag #ShopItems

I cannot wait to see your awesome outfits you come up with!

I nominate:

  • Bubblelover183
  • Nutella Bae
  • Mangos7418
  • Annarso
  • And anyone who wants to do this tag!

^o^ Bye~!

cutiecake signature yay finally

P.S.- If you want a plain background, go to an empty server and take the picture at Mt. Fantage. Then, edit it in Paint 😀


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