Renting Items!

Heyoo everyone! As you can probably infer from the title, I will be letting people rent out items from my inventory! Here’s how it works:

  1. There will be a rent amount for each week you keep the item, the longer you rent the item, the cheaper the weekly rate will be. For instance, if you wanted to rent my ornament board, which is apparently worth 100,000 gold o_o, and you wanted to rent it for 2 weeks, the cost would be 20,000 gold. Better than spending 100k, but you only get to keep it for 2 weeks.
  2. After those 2 weeks are up, we schedule a time to meet. Then, I will buy the item back for the minimum price. for every day it’s late, I will add on a 250 gold fee. If you cannot give me back the item for reasons being, you will owe me all the gold it costs to buy the item. And if you don’t give it back or give me the gold, I’ll post about it and nobody shall trust you again…DUN DUN DUN!

Items for rent right now 😀

hairs other other 2 outfits costumes

Email me at cutiecake4321atgmaildotcom , I didn’t use symbols because bots can send spam to your email found on the internet and cause viruses, etc. (that’s what my friend told me)

And a quick ootd:


Based on the event, I wanted to do something involving animals, so I did the queen of the animals!

cutiecake signature yay finally


30 thoughts on “Renting Items!

  1. cutie i know chu can trust me im very, very very safe. lool jk dont i cant rent anyways im such a bad person at giving the things in time looooooolllllloooooolllllllllllll.

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