Hallo my wicked friends! (I’m so in the Halloween spirit) When I was going on my email to send in a writer’s den, I was checking my hangouts because I saw something green which means someone sent me a message. Here’s what I got…

gabriel warning

No thanks Gabriel. I’m staying safe. Guys, please don’t show your face to strangers, it’s not safe. Especially on the internet, you cannot trust 99.9% of these people.

Sorry if I hurt anyone who is friends with Gabriel.

Stay safe!

(And don’t eat any trick or treat candy until your parents have checked it too)

cutiecake signature yay finally

42 thoughts on “Notice

  1. Hey Cutiecake i had a message from Gabby and being the loser he is he is forcing me to comment this 😛 he said ‘ Girl its not fair that i can’t see your face while you can see mine .-. And you’re just getting my reputation down. Its easy to bring people down but not like this way!. Look! Just think about when people post something bad about you! And i’m just joking about the hangout one! .-. You can’t even stay for jokes, and u show your Black sense of humor! I thought you were nice! ;-; “

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  2. Look! i’m sorry what have i done! and i just want you to forgive me! i know if i’m wrong! but please always forgive and forget. i just don’t want to start a fight with you, you’re my old blogging friend. And after you forgive what have i done to you i promise i wont make any contact with you no more!

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    1. and i wanted to say
      Thank you for cheering me up
      Thank you for being my friend
      Thank you for making contact with me!
      Thank you for the chance to unblock me from Hangouts!
      Thank you for being patience for what have i done to you!
      Thank you for letting me comment on your blog for a little while!

      Sorry for making you sad
      Sorry if i’m not strong enough to reply your comment
      Sorry if i bother you by using Yuki as messenger
      Sorry if i haven’t talked to you for a long time

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