Fantage Customer Service Review

You guys know how I am…..


Today, the same thing happened to me which happened with my Movie Star Hair  -_- I called Fantage because I was getting fed up with this. By the way, you shouldn’t do what I did since their live number was only for billing issues with real money.

The extension you need to dial for someone live is 225, by the way.

It took some time, (lol 5 minutes) but the representative got me the item back! Nobody is going to eat my gold, haha. 😛


Yay! It finally exists in my inventory, woo hoo!

And something I took from Sweet Pie’s (aka Firework290) inventory! I also took 2,000 gold. She’s super rude, by the way. She lied about a ton of stuff, plus the Sweet Pie account was donated on another site. So now it’s payback time…


That blonde hair, and another unicorn mask!

If you guys want the account’s information, here you go!

  • U- sweetpie4624
  • P- janece42

(It’s banned, right now)


cutiecake signature yay finally


37 thoughts on “Fantage Customer Service Review

              1. ima track her down
                ima find her
                bring her to area 101
                put her in chair
                cut her hand off
                and then put her in one of those dentist chairs which are really nice btw
                put it to that setting where you’re almost laying down
                AND THEN TORTURE HER
                jk no
                I’ll just stick to plan A: the permanent ban. instead.

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  1. omzomzomzomz tht gurl is rude asf ill hunt her down err cutiecake if u call fantage do they rlly answer? whats the phone number?


  2. hey cutiecake,
    i’ve started using sweetpie’s acc cuz mai memship expired n i need a good acc,
    but she hasnt got any good hairs.
    can u return the hair to her?


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