Small Halloween Giveaway

Happy Halloween!

Fantagious Fantage


Since Halloween is in three days I’m going to be giving away this costume and 2,000 gold . I was trying to find a cheap Ghost Costume but i couldn’t so If I do than I  might do a flash giveaway . 

How to Enter

  • Like this post 
  • Comment “Happy Halloween ! ” 
  • Must be able to get / have my-mall permission to claim item
  • Reblog this post

*All counts as 1 entry *


2,000 Gold 

Screenshot (3697)

Chicken Costume ( for non-members and members ) 

This contest ends on October 31st at 12:00 am est . 

Screenshot (2723)

Happy Halloween ! ∼ Blizz99 

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6 thoughts on “Small Halloween Giveaway


    Okay so cutiecake, when i made my main acc ilikecupcake, i was rlly dumb and i accidentally didn’t put my email for the email part and i just put ACCIDENTALLY- ON -PURPOSE. Okay since I dont hve a email connecting to my fantage acc, when i get hacked or something, and if i wanna change my pass, i cant cuz i hve no email to my fantage acc. IF i call fantage, can i get give my email to the workers so they can link it to my acc?

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  2. Hey Cutiecake!

    Since you’re an author on my blog, I’m planning to start a little fashion magazine called “FO’s Weekly Fashion.” I was wondering if you’d like to take part on helping me post some fashion? It comes out once a week, so if you’re planning to post a FOWF, please let me know ASAP so that we don’t post 2 fashion posts at a time, lol. You have a great fashion taste and I’d love it if you could take part in it. It will be copyrighted (: I will start it when I have time, and I have a saved draft that I’m about to do later.
    Sorry for this random comment! If you have any questions you can comment in my Contact page or reply to this ^^

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