Successful Trade with miasw!

I just traded my purple tiara hair which I got for 5,000 gold for the event top prize!


With the amazing miasw, of course!

But sadly I went first, but she doesn’t scam! YAY! Don’t be afraid to trade with her!

event top

And now I have this amazing item which I’d probably never get from the event.

And a way to style it:

If you guys didn't know, I am obsessed with this parrot.
If you guys didn’t know, I am obsessed with this parrot.

Blue looks so good, ahh.

And I also found a free account with chalk, starred bubblegum, star muzzie hair, coined brown locks that are limited, and a lot of amazing stuff. I might do a raffle for chalk now, woo hoo!

cutiecake signature yay finally


47 thoughts on “Successful Trade with miasw!

    1. if it was public I don’t see the problem from taking items from it sincen the owner wanted it to be shared since she probably doesnt use it anymore…anyone else using the amount shouldn’t get butthurt when the items are gone since it was public

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      1. Well, I feel like since its public items shouldn’t be used for your OWN benefit. Even if someone else takes the items, at least you didn’t deny anyone of having them around.
        Like public washrooms (lol first thing that came to mind), you don’t want to trash the stall and say that no one should care because its public.

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  1. gurl gurl gurl gurl ur lucky gurl gurl gurl lemme keep tht acc gurl gurl gurl srry im spamming gurl gurl gurl ill kill tht firework girl for being rude to you gurl gurl gurl ur fab

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