Woo Hoo!

Yesterday, I raised about 30,000 gold!

It’s a lot for me…so now time to spend it 🙂

And an amazing deal I got…..


  • Wintergreen hair for 20,000 gold!


  • And firework tee for 2,000 gold!

I love these items…..especially wintergreen! And my friend donut1118 said wintergreen hair is worth 50,000 gold-especially if coined.

And of course, ways to style these items!

I’ve experimented and wintergreen doesn’t look the hottest if worn with hair accessories, except for the unicorn headband! It also doesn’t go with many earrings, sadly…(Anna now you don’t have to get annoyed by the silver hoops)

wintergreen style

And the firework tee! It’s a generic popular tee shirt, so I don’t think many of you need for me to style it popularly. I’m going to do it he modern, more realistically. One outfit only.

firework style
And I have no idea what to call it XD

Now I need to get gold again of course because I don’t want to go to a sale with someone selling bow and arrow for 30,000 gold and I’ll be broke so…..

Who wants to buy from me?

Leave your offers in the comments! I’d also like to know which outfit or style you enjoyed the most 😉


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