Fantboy1’s birthday party!

It’s at Fantboy’s house actually!

The Fantage Press

Hi everyone! Looks like I’m not busy tomorrow, so I’ll be holding my birthday party!



Pumpkin Platypus server (Platypus forever :D)
At apriss’s house

You can get there by doing the following:

Click the world map button (The middle one)
World map button

Click the fantagian village
Fantagian village

Click the more button

Look for the name apriss and click on it. It will take you to her house.


Tomorrow; November 10th (Even though my birthday was on the 8th)
6:00 FST (Fantage standard time)
To find out what time Fantage is in, go to pet town. There’s a big clock that will tell you the time.


  1. NO HATERS. If haters come to the party, I will either kick them out or kick everyone out and throw a private party among my friends.
  2. No cursing. Not everyone at the party is your age!
  3. No drama. We’re here to have fun.
  4. Gifts are…

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