I am back!

And sick as well. 😦 I don’t know but I think it was the yogurt that killed my stomach, since I was eating it in the car. Dairy and cars does not mix with me…

My sister spent my gold, AGAIN. Fantage never lets me to reset my password, so I’m so angry. I really don’t feel like it’s nessasary to post about the event, since it’s really the same event from before with new limited items, sigh.

Of course, I’m doing the auction for items! Hooray~

hair 1 hair 2 hair 3 hair 4 hair 5 hair 6 hair 7 hair 8

Bid for them in the comments, of course!

cutiecake signature yay finally


67 thoughts on “Finally!

      1. I’m thinking of selling my starred one for a lot of gold…
        but now that it’s popular and I’m getting membership again, I want to keep it to make myself look popular for when I harass people to be my vaseline ;D

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        Liked by 1 person

  1. OMG i want pink pleated skirt so bad. but i dont have gold right now, but if i did, i’d bid for 1001


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