December PM Gift

Yesss it’s out because it is December!


And then I look at it to check out what’s in store for the members, probably something amazing since we pay around $8 for overpriced membership!

Drum-roll please~

dung hair

Uhh CutieCake are you sure? DID YOU PHOTOSHOP IT!?!#&^$%$!?!?!?!@&


My reaction:

I never knew you could wear colored dung on your pixel head o_o

How I styled it:


I think the outfits came out pretty well! I love the 2nd one, it’s totally my favorite! Just my opinion, the hair, it reminds me of princess Jasmine?

Or is that just me?

Yeah probably just me.

And since only members can wear it, anyone who can wear it can dye the hair! I’d especially recommend this tip!

dye for hair

^^ Dye it!


See how different it looks now?



Now it reminds me of a genie with blue hair o_o


cutiecake signature yay finally

23 thoughts on “December PM Gift

      1. Nope. Ikr. I know this cause I dyed my hair during premium membership week, and my friend had her laptop next to mine, and I realized that on other people’s accounts, it won’t show. xD

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