Kat I Leveled You Up!

yay 700.PNG

Your welcome, madam.


omg yes.PNG

I leveled up, too! 1400 ❤

Sorry for spamming guys. >.<

cutiecake signature yay finally


50 thoughts on “Kat I Leveled You Up!

      1. Great, I’ll tell her to do that right away! 🙂
        Also, about the Earth Day top, I can probably buy it on the 11th because that’s when Kat is going to buy one of my hairs for a lot of Gold. I’ll let you know if I manage to make enough Gold sooner, though! 😛

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          1. So apparently this is the most recent comment you sent me? Anyway, I have enough Gold for the Earth Day Top if you still have it. (I’m pretty sure we agreed on 15K or less, but if we didn’t, let me know. :P) Can you get on BRD so we can talk about kiosks and all that fun stuff? 🙂

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