Christmas Giveaway


Fairy Life

Contest ends December 24, winners announced December 25

UPDATE if you could add up your points for me that would be great or else I might get it wrong and you might end up having fewer points than you actually have :/

This is probably going to be the first decent giveaway that I do (the other ones sucked 😛 )

Prizes! (doing this first ’cause that’s probably what most people look at first…lol)

Giveaway Item 2Giveaway Item 3Giveaway Item 4Giveaway Item 5Giveaway Item 6Giveaway Item 7*NEW*

Giveaway Item 8Giveaway Item 9Giveaway Item 10Giveaway Item 11Giveaway Item 12Giveaway Item 13Giveaway Item 14← yes, 4 of them

Yeah, idk what prizes were good…

1st place: Choose 4 prizes + 500 gold
2nd place: Choose 2 prizes
3rd place: Choose 1 prize

How this works:

It’s a point system. The more things you do, the more points you get, and the person with the most points wins

How to join:

  • Like this post
  • Comment something Christmas related

Extra Entries

  • Reblog this…

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