Updates, New Shop Items + More!

Hey guys!

I really haven’t been so in the mood for blogging; I have a slight case of bronchitis and it’s hard to breathe sometimes, I’m tired and have a sharp pain in the back of my head, and I haven’t been on Fantage for a few days so I’ve gotten out of the mood……..

So anyways,

q 1q2.PNG


NEW STUFF! You guys know how obsessed with shop items I am and this set of new clothes came out decent. The shading is actually really good, but the design was sorta….er…..you know what I mean?

But if you know how to style anything…. 😀

To be honest, Fantage puts a ton of amazing things in the shops, and I’d bet you that if some of these shop items were limited, boy would people wear them and overprice them in MyMall….sorta like the Army Tank!


The prices are ridiculous this time though…so I’m kinda broke on stars. The non member set appealed most to me! The sweater is crazy o_o


Ehh I’ll just sell pandas to a Country guy. (Shhh I’m totaly not a panda shooter who takes panda skins and sells them in MyMall with shooting them with an arrow from cupid. Shhhh)


The new boards and pretty darn cute! I would of bought them but I have a limited amount of stars, so I’ll style all the items in the VIP room. The Photo Booth lags for me, and glitches. Anyone else have this problem?

Styling includes:


And an outfit consisting of completely shop items:simple

An update:


I GOT INTO TO EDITOR’S CHOICE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 2 YEARS!!!!!!! (aka for the first time) I look like such an item whore in the picture, yuck. No wonder they wanted that pic in the Comet. Marina got in also! 😀


We also got that medal, and I just need 10 more levels to become level 1500. Err….”so close-but so far away”.

Do you guys know where I got that quote?

Such an old song.


cutiecake signature yay finally


18 thoughts on “Updates, New Shop Items + More!

      1. Thanks! 🙂
        Eh, maybe the first and third sets… I don’t think the second set would sell that well, even if it were limited. 😛
        Oh, and I forgot to mention this, but I hope you get well soon!

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