Another Fraud…Or What?

  • Heck, I was just curious about Firework290 and all that drama. I mean, after all, Pink was using her account and I just wanted to verify that Pink wasn’t her (no offense, I was just wondering) and now I’ve found:
  • Amethyst11


  • Firework290
  • AND Disney

All have the same IP….

I could email people the results, because it’s not right to just put an IP address of someone in the public…

Oh, and I’ve changed the blog look! You can look for the new pages, also. 😉

cutiecake signature yay finally


61 thoughts on “Another Fraud…Or What?

  1. oh wow! I’ve always wondered about Snowflake because she had the same gravatar as one of fairycari’s, and she used it after fairycari. And who’s amythest? i think i recognize the name….
    //suspicious glance

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  2. Why would someone do that? And if she were to do that, why would they ALL edit. She could’ve AT LEAST make their hobbies different, plus she edits the same way on all of them, she should’ve at least make the editing styles different. And I just realized after one quit another one joined, it sounds suspicious asf. I don’t know ANY of them though, so my info may be incorrect. Just saying :/

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    1. Oh my. She tried destroying the community with multiple fake accounts, and made them all seem bad? So basically they’re all made up, but which account did she create first? Was there someone who made her crzy enough to try to destroy? Confuzzled asf

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