New Event! Chez Fantage Reopening


Woo hoo it’s released!

The storyline of this event is basically that someone left the refrigerator open, and mice smelled the food and invaded the Cruise ship!


See how messy this place is?

Now it’s up to the Fantagians to fix this mess up….

Event Info


Either by playing Mouse Out, or Mouse Chaser, you can trap (earn) mice! For your first medal, you need to catch 2 mice.


That button will show you how many mice you’ve caught, and from there you can buy mouse traps instead of playing games to get mice. The traps take 10 minutes and cost 200 gold.

Catching Mice

Well, let’s get started! If you don’t want to buy mouse traps, this is your way to go.

qq6.PNGClick on that sign.

There’s a video on how to play Mouse Out, it’s a simple concept yet the game can get really hard, so I’d recommend playing Mouse Chaser.

Well, how do you play Mouse Chaser?

qq3 Click on that sign.


^^ That will pop up. Click on the x.


When playing Mouse Chaser, it’ll look like that. Using your arrow keys (e.g. ↑↓← →) you have to cut though enough of the mouse territory, just make sure your red diamond doesn’t hit a mouse or you lose!


There’s also a medal for this event. Members can level it up for level 30, while nons can only level it to level 15.

Limited Items


lims 2.PNG


The items this time are really nice! I love the 3rd set sooo much! However, non members need to buy these items with gold. The first set can be bought with stars if you are a member. (Can I just say the male model is really hot….)

Become A Waiter


If you want to get into the spirit of this event, go ahead and buy a waitress outfit and start serving up! Each costume costs 2500 stars or gold, and the last one is for nons. The rest of the costumes are for members. Click one of those objects to purchase a costume.


They should lead you to this. Pretty decent costumes right?

qq10  qq11 <– It’ll look like that when you have the food, or someone is ordering food.

qq12.PNG<– That’s the menu.

To serve you need to wear a waitress costume, and go to this platform. Some menu should pop up above your head. Click on the food your customer is requesting, and click on their table to serve it to them!

How To Order


Simply find a place to sit. (In a chair) Then, the menu should pop up above your head, and order up!

QOTE (Question(s) of the Event)

Do you guys like this event? Do you guys think the waitresses look like wanna be barbie dolls? Who do you think left the refrigerator open?

Have a fun time getting rid of mice guys!

cutiecake signature yay finally


4 thoughts on “New Event! Chez Fantage Reopening

  1. when i first logged in i saw the (cheeze) limited items and i thought it was supposed to be a joke on how cheese looked like chez and i was kinda pissed
    also, I thought the max for the medal was 15 for non mems and 30 for mems, not 10 and 20

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