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Anyone remember?

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Hello Windippians

You may have noticed that Fantage have released Admin ItemsĀ because some admins are ā€˜retiringā€™, these are available at Downtown or Uptown.

The truth however is that this is a lie.

Himani isnā€™t retiring. She had to leave Fantage on doctors orders because of her health almost 4 years ago. Here is the email she sent me (Click to read).

You can see the date in the top right corner; 11th February 2009. Further proof that she is no longer part of Fantage is her IDfone, it hasnā€™t changed for 4 years! (She is on my buddy list, this is how i know).

She was the nicest Admin i knew, i was the 4th user of the week for the Comet and she met me on Fantage in my home and took the time to interview me in order to make the featuredā€¦

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