Fantagian Laughs: Episode 3

Hello! Today we will take a spin on the classic episode, for today, I will actually type some parts of the episode.

So today, I will explain the logic of….


Yes numbers.

Numbers are essential elements to Fantagian life, also known as MyMallian life. Also know as shop item obsessed players. Also known as people obsessed with being in the hall of fame. Also known as people trying to “English”.

One typical example includes:

I have edited my IDFone so people will not say I’m rich or poor in currency. Because what truly counts is if you are part of the totally existing religion of Ramenism.

What an amazing level! It does not make me cringe at all. Who doesn’t like numbers ending in 9999999? Or even better…..decimal levels!

Well, this is off topic..But who cares?

*Person in audience raises hand*


Turn you into a fabulous creature of…of……..


A flirting worm! 😮

More about decimal levels. I think we’re all familiar with the classic P.I., 3.14159265359 Why do I remember this? Decimal levels are meant for Fantagians to have cringe attacks all the time! For example, let’s say you are level 7.9999999999999999999999. Your level cannot be rounded up, since you did not earn that 0.00000000000000000000001 of your level! Now, the only way to get your level up to a level 8 would be to get a medal with that tiny bit of levelness. But who has time for those levels? Obviously not Fantage! So of course, the next medal would be a 0.333333333, and that added to your 7.idonotknowhowmanyninesthereareinthis will add on to your cringe attacks!

Commercial Break:

Ever felt as if your cringeworthy level due to decimal medals is too….cringeworthy? Well now, to achieve sanity, you can buy levels with………


The new currency on Fantage. Fantage is an online virtual world where you can dress up and play with random strangers, and get pass chat filters, so you can cuss in Fantagnese! A diamond only costs a life, something the creator of cringeworthy levels needs.

Buy your diamonds today!

How beautiful ;o; And the best part is, these diamonds are virtual! So when this game goes down, we make your pixel currency into real diamonds and will become millionaires

Back to the show!


Now this, THIS is truly cringeworthy, and just in time for Loner Awareness day! But what makes it perfect for cringeworthy numbers?


BUY ONE NOW FOR 4,999 STARS OR GOLD! Or if you want to be all fancy, buy one for the extremely cheap price of 3.141595359 diamonds!

More numbers which will end Fantagian existence include:


The price of the most cheapest Lucky Bot Item to exist! Buy yours today! Almost 30 million gold is lost in the process due to tax but who cares.


The most amazing, most memorizing number of all time! 42, 42, 42!


These numbers will never be a perfect 15,000 like me.

And of course, since you’ve all been a terrible audience, it’s time for more annoying advertisements!


Have you ever felt, alone, sad, and just a loner? In these cases, not even a bestie you bought will help. But now, there is a solution! Be like that wormie up there and….


How else can you find true love?

I mean you could try doing the classic eyebrow wiggle. OH WAIT FANTAGIANS CAN’T MOVE THEIR EYEBROWS!

DisclaimerFantagebirds is not responsible of you being a loner who wants attention with horrible grammar on Loner Awareness day.

And while being a typical Fantagian, listen to this song!


fantage laughs


11 thoughts on “Fantagian Laughs: Episode 3

  1. You know, I didn’t really expect the tax for putting up an item for 99mil to be so high… Then again, I’ve never tried to put items up for crappy prices like that. 😛
    It makes you wonder how much of a profit people REALLY make from selling FGC items for so much…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “How else can you find true love?”
    By watching a freaking crapload of Markiplier and stalking him on twitter and instagram. LOL

    Liked by 1 person

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