Fantage Tag+ New Shop Items+ Sale!


First things first, a tag. 🙂

What is your Fantage username?

cutiecake4321 <– Probably the biggest regret there, naming myself cutiecake…

What is your Fantage Level?

Level 1610 😀 I’m finally a Fantage pro!

Who is your BFF on Fantage?

Kat, Rainbowstar, Lolly, Skybudgie, torica72, Anna, Yuki, Mangos, and Sally! Sorry this is my squad of BFFs >.< I can’t stick to one..If I didn’t mention you here, it’s probably because we don’t talk a lot on Fantage.

When did you start Fantage?

May 2013

Did you ever quit and come back to Fantage?

Yup! I’m really glad I came back, because of all of you guys!

What do you have to say about Fantage?

It’s pretty addicting. MyMall is the only reason I’m addicted, as well as leveling up. The game groups its players up by levels, etc.  At least its superior to Club Penguin and MovieStar Planet :> (In my opinion)

I tag:

  • Kat
  • Rainbowstar
  • Cathie
  • Roar
  • Susan
  • Carly
  • Skybudgie
  • Yuki

Time to talk about the new shop items coming out!


The first set looks like it’s St. Patrick’s Day themed, as well as a hint of scout-ness? (If that’s even a word) The second set looks emo-ish and goth inspired. The top in this set looks really cute. As for the last set, I LOVE EVERYTHING EXCEPT THE SHOES! The shoes look like cookies with M&Ms, but that’s probably just me…Can I just say I need just about everything?


As for the sale going on, it’s worse than the Black Friday deal. The double gold is only for the double gold packages, which I don’t really like. At least members get 4x gold? And to Sally, if you don’t want to trade the Amazon for the Karma Koin giftcard because you’re studying and don’t have enough time for Fantage, we don’t have to. My code is going to expire in a month…

An OOTD to finish off this post:


Lights…camera….pet photo-bombing! I actually do play Fantage a lot, but fail to post about what goes on. I’m sorry >.<


cutiecake signature yay finally



27 thoughts on “Fantage Tag+ New Shop Items+ Sale!

  1. WHAT THE FLURBADERB (Don’t ask me if that’s even a word, because lol idk. XD)

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