Styling New Shop Items- Feb. 2k16

Hello! It’s that time of the month- when Fantage releases new shop items. 😮 Woo hoo!

Coming soon? This is yesterday’s picture. So…




You can get them all now! Lets just say the items are extremely expensive; just look at the prices!


The fact that just about everyone who is a member has over 100k stars because of the Panda Board trick explains why the prices are so….pricey?

Here’s how I’d wear them:


The different styles of the clothes was fun and tricky to work with to achieve different styles. My favorite one just has to be he last one! The way the shoes look is just amazing as they just blend into the intricate color scheme. Very casual, indeed.

I didn’t want to style the boards because you can just wear them with an outfit up there. The columns would look messy because of the bulky boards.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! I’m trying to make myself work harder to publish good quality posts. Leave your feedback in the comments below!


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23 thoughts on “Styling New Shop Items- Feb. 2k16

      1. In 2015, the shops were updated in January, late February, early May, and then…early November, I think? 😛 And judging by when we’re getting shop items now, I think they’re going to keep that pattern.
        Well, that’s true… And they probably want to make new users buy membership. Sigh…

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  1. The prices!!! Oml…why so much? Maybe we have the panda trick, but we don’t have that much eCoins. TnT Back in 2009, 800 stars was very expensive for me. :I
    And I’m also going to tell my favourite sets. 😉
    1rst : 3rd
    2nd : 2nd
    3rd : 4th
    4th : 1rst and 2nd
    5th : 1rst
    6th : All

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