#Boyband Event 2k16

Hello people of the interwebs!

Today I shall finally get to posting a day late event post…better late than nothing is the saying as I recall?



3 Directions, in Fantage form! This kinda reminds me of all the parent jokes of parents trying to have ‘swag’. But instead, it is the staff working at Fantage trying to keep up with the Fantagian trends.

How does one not simply recognize the alike-ness? Someone is missing though…

When the recreation of 1Direction is on stage, it’ll look like this:


When they have abandoned their concert for a while, the stage will look like this:


Event Info:


Pretty self explanatory. The event is at the beach, so why don’t I just go there to instruct you all on this very basic event.


There’s even a huge sign advertising it…

To get on the stage, you’ll need to wear a tee-shirt from the Limited Item Cart. However, it is said you can get on the stage without buying overpriced concert merchandise! I’ve tried using these methods, and the only methods which were successful were using Cody’s Crazy Combos sets to fly.

Limited Items:


A.K.A.- Overpriced band merchandise which is very basic and a new editor could do in ten minutes…

Oh well.


  • #OMG- 5,000 gold
  • #BRB- 2,000 gold
  • #BFF- 5,000 gold
  • #BAE- 10,000 gold
  • #OUO- 5,000 gold
  • #LOL- 5,000 gold
  • #SWAG- 8,000 gold
  • #YOLO; 5,000 gold
  • #FAN- 3,000 gold OR 6,000 stars (For non-members)
  • Music Note- 1,000 gold OR 2,000 stars (For non-members)

One comment to make here- WHY KILL JULIA WITH ALL THE HASTAGS!?!?!? I’m sorry but the #(insertinternetlingo) is very..how do I say it? I don’t even know anymore. What I can say is that Fantage has gone down a notch on their events. Just when I thought they were getting better, woosh!

My reaction to the #SWAG:


I feel as if Fantage is experimenting with us. The prices of the limited items are increasing. Fantage wants to see how many people actually are still willing to buy the items despite of  the ridiculous prices. Because of this rise in prices for limited items, I feel as if prices in MyMall will increase as well; sort of like a linear relationship.



Non-members can level their event medal to level 5, while members can max their level to a level 10. This really sucks since most events have medals which max to level 10 for non members, and for members it is usually 20.

Well, how do you level Julia?


See that billboard? There is a tee shirt for each praise on this billboard. If you wear the tee-shirt which has the same hashtag as the billboard does, you get a level! In this case, if you wear the #BFF shirt, you’ll get a medal. Sometimes, the event glitches and does not give you a medal. I know this from experience… :/


I’ve already gotten my medal to a level 4 in 2 days. This event is pretty short, so if you want to get these levels you have to be on Fantage for the rest of this event with no sleep.

Simple enough, right?

If you were thinking that Fantage was so generous to make a tee-shirt buy-able with a small amount of stars so new players can level up, YOU ARE WRONG! 😉 The music note will NOT appear on the billboard. Thus, you’ll need at least 6k stars as a non member to level up if you have no gold. The music note tee shirts are just there for people to be able to see 3 Directions, Fantage Style on the stage.


If you want to buy a tee shirt that is only buy-able with gold, I’d suggest going to MyMall. Some amazing Fantagians are selling the tees for less than the price of the tees at the limited cart. Watch out for #Fan and Music Note shirts as you can buy those with stars.

Around every 30 minutes to an hour from my experience, the billboard changes. So don’t just go to the beach once a day! Keep on checking every 15 minutes or so.

For trolling purposes, get onto the stage and then change into huge clothes.Big boards, weird Lucky Bot items, you name it! Wearing a scepter to make your Fantagian bigger is HIGHLY recommended.

Trolls are some amazing people… Be sure to cover the whole band in a whole server! You are sure to cause some commotion. Keep on waving every 5 seconds. It is 10x more annoying this way.

Have fun at this virtual concert! And don’t forgot to keep the volume up at its max!

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