Did Fantage Really Go Under DDoS Attack?

Hello people of the internet.

Today, I shall write about a question I’ve been questioning myself, Did Fantage actually go under DDoS Attack?

If you do not know what a DDoS attack is, please click here.

This is how Fantage officially announced they were under DDoS attack, but were they really?

If you don’t remember this event, people weren’t able to access Fantage due to it apparently being under DDoS attack. There was a message which said the same exact thing as the first image above. I remember when this happened very well. The first thing I went to do was to check the official blog. But of course, it wasn’t working. So when Fantage went down, the blog went down. Strange much?

To start my explaining, here is the Fantage blog’s condition as I write this post:


moo2.PNGThese screenshots were taken as of 2/29/16 at 6:38 P.M.EST.The blog has been down for quite a while. Weird, right?

In addition, DDoS attacks cost money, just like everything else in life. In fact, an online article states, “You can find many Latvian, Estonian, Russian and Chinese botnet herders lease it out from US$ 25/hour to $500/day.”(https://www.quora.com/How-expensive-is-a-DDoS-attack).

From what I’ve researched, websites can lose various amounts of money during a DDoS attack, from $5,000 an hour to an astonishing $40,000 dollars!

But the question is, why target the blog rather than the main website for so long?

Fantage was down for a while, but the blog has been down for around 7 months! In 7 months, there are approximately 210 days. And 210 x $500= $105,000. Who the heck would spend that much money on the blog than the actual virtual world?

If Fantage’s rivals wanted to launch a DDoS attack on Fantage, why would they launch the DDoS attack on the blog for a much longer time than Fantage’s main page? Fantage’s official website, http://fantage.com gets more visitors and and earns more money than the blog. For instance, Fantage earns money when someone buys gold, membership, or ecoins. They earn money when anyone views advertisements. Little kids on Fantage wouldn’t bother to go on the Fantage official blog as much as they would go on Fantage.

Credits to mmchan, owner of http://mmchansfantageblog.wordpress.com

Does anyone remember this?

A fact which contradicts what I wrote earlier is that a website loses money when it is down. many will disagree from my point of view of Fantage not going under DDoS attack because they would lose money. However, Fantage lost money when they were doing service maintenance in August 2014.

Putting the pieces together, I do not think Fantage went under DDoS attack. Instead, it makes more sense that they closed the blog down because they were too lazy or didn’t want to hire an admin to update it. As for Fantage, it was “closed” most likely to fix up technical issues.

Thank you for taking your time reading this.

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14 thoughts on “Did Fantage Really Go Under DDoS Attack?

  1. I still think the main page and the blog went under DDoS attacks… They just didn’t bother to reopen their blog.
    And the blog and main servers are connected. Fantage Comet got hit by the attack, too. 😛

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  2. U shouldn’t just accuse fantage of being lazy I mean thats… Anyways, if they put a sign up on fantage about that, Fantage would already be under attack so we couldn’t go on fantage. Also Fantage did open around a later time when it happened…

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