Hello! I’ve seen these events become really popular recently…so why should I not host one of them?



The uniform attire as pictured above is to be worn during the event. These are pretty cheap outfits, and everything can be bought by non-members with stars.

Set Up:

Server: Mahogany Mongoose
Date: Friday March 4, 2016
When: 6:00 P.M. Fantage Standard time.
Where: Mt. Fantage

*The FST can be found in Pet Town if you are unfamiliar with FST.

The events will be held in the following order:

Fashion Show:

For every game of traditional fashion (Top Models Fashion Show) show won, one point will be given. There will only be 2 fashion shows because fashion show is basically judging how well of an inventory you have… It’s not the most fair game.

I’ll also be hosting a fashion show at the Grotto after we’re finished playing the traditional fashion show in Top Models. Beware of crazy themes!

Off the Hook:

For every 2 games won, you will win 1 point. There will be a total of 10 games of Off the Hook. I will be hosting the games and will be choosing the category so nobody will fight over who hosts the Off the Hook room.

Team Battle!

Red Vs. Blue! Can you guess what themes I’ll be choosing?
Fantage’s Color Battle event.

Now to my house, all the participants will play  a game which I’d like to call Team Battle. It is pretty similar to Fantage’s event called Color Battle in 2010. If you want to read more about that, here’s a link:!

Basically, there will be 2 categories given. You have to choose one to follow. The category with the most people dressed in that team will win, and everyone on the winning team will receive a point! Once you’ve changed, you cannot go back to your inventory and dress up to the other theme. Your outfit is final. In addition, in my memo every person must tell me which category they are in. Be ready!


Can you see me?

TROLLING CLASS! All you need to do is dress up in a crazy outfit, and we’ll all go invade the Star Cafe which will most likely be abandoned. Be ready to see some of the hottest celebs today, like Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, and Merp_Moop_Meep_Baa_Potato_Hotsauce_I_Need_A_Bae_Or_Do_I!



After all of the commotion of the event is over, I’ll be giving away a prize to the winner. One item can be chosen.

Hope to see y’all there!

cutiecake signature yay finally

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