The Meaning of Fantagian Life Part 3

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It’s been a while since we have been… YES US THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE TO EXIST! We have finally gotten out of Scarlet’s torturing, for she has been extremely curious of what happened to our slave agent.

As she was holding us captive in her jet which used to be located at the Dock, we took a trip around Fantage on her airplane looking for our slave agent. As we were flying around, we stopped off at some locations and saw some weird stuff around Fantage. SO HERE IS OUR SHOW WHICH WE JUST THOUGHT OF TO DO 5 MINUTES AGO BUT WHATEVER!

The Pose:


Contrary to popular belief, boys are actually more dramatic in a sense on Fantage. Only guys can truly cry on Fantage! As pictured above, girls can only play peek a boo with their eyes closed, while guys shed tears. These guys will never man up…


The Items:


Well,it is harder yet easier for girls to get all the trendsetter items. There are more items for girls to collect! But how is it easier? More girls are on Fantage, meaning there is more supply of items to buy. Fantage also has made sets for guys and gals in the shops, yet sadly they have made parts of the sets retired.

The Secrets:

We have finally found some interesting stuff on Fantage in the last 6+ months of torture! Enjoy the randomness of our fabulous!

o oi.PNG

There is a beautiful area to explore, right behind the Fantage island!


Lucky Bob has a pet bowl, which means that he might have a pet!


There is graffiti on Fantage.


There is a store house for something on Fantage! And it seems like someone has been trying to get into it…


Have y’all ever realized that the school is just a bunch of school supplies? Not to mention potions which Finkelstein probably made, and an apple which will one day rot! 😀


Since it doesn’t rain on Fantage, it only snows in the winter! But the cloud over the carnival, Mt. Fantage, and the ocean seems like it just sits there doing nothing….


Raj just leaves his treasures, such as GOLD coins laying around in an open treasure chest. No wonder he’s homeless. And his cards have all of the Fantage stories of how Fantage came to be, etc. HE’S A HOMELESS STALKER! 😮


This camera is always stalking you, too!


The new furniture includes a strawberry jello lamp. I hope it doesn’t attract bugs in your house…And I hope it doesn’t expire….


Not really something so interesting but it sure is a cool fact. Clicking this laptop which is on the first floor of the Hall Of Fame will bring you to the 4th floor in an instant! 😮



Someone let go of their balloon in Uptown!




There is  a streetlight in the forest. But why the forest?


The cruise isn’t the only place you can eat food! From Sun Block’s not famous lemonade, to the school’s never rotting burgers, pizza, milk, produce, and soda, to the island’s locally grown coconuts, us Fantagians actually have a variety of pixel delicacies to enjoy. The best part is that you don’t have to wait for a new waiter to serve you your food, and you don’t have to tip anyone. 😉

Now we shall flee to Scarlet who is holding one of Finkelstein’s potions in her hand ready to make us drink one of them if we do not go. Do not forget to subscribe to us, so you can see the true nature of Fantage. Actually, we just need money and every time someone subscribes to our randomness, o.0000000001 gold is donated to the Sanity of Fantagians cause because Fantage won’t let you donate any more than that or else they will increase the cost of everything by 99999999999%. Donate today!






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