Updates March 2016- Rares+Furniture+More

Hello fellow Fantagians!

Fantage has updated quite a lot, so shall check out all the new updates? Let’s go!

Limited Furniture


This was an interesting idea, Fantage. Limited furniture! Oops, I meant Strawberry inspired limited furniture. Most of the furniture can only be bought with gold, except the Strawberry Plant. The Strawberry Plant is actually my favorite item out of the bunch. The strawberry lady looks a bit chubby, don’t you think? These pieces of furniture are meant to go with the new limited Strawberry home released. The strawberry plant is kind of pointless if you are going to add it to the scenery of your strawberry home since they’ll just blend into the other strawberry plants already present on the home…



  • Chair: 4,000 gold
  • Lamp: 3,000 gold
  • Female Gnome: 4,000 gold
  • Male Gnome: 4,000 gold
  • Plant: 2,000 gold OR 4,000 stars

Apparently, the plant is only for members, but non-members can buy it with stars as reported from various users on Instagram. Hurry up before the glitch is patched up! Remember, the furniture is limited, so it’ll only be around for a certain amount of time you can buy them. If you are obsessed with getting every single limited item even if they don’t count towards you Trendsetter percentage, go go go!

New Rares:


Woo hoo! I can finally use up the 30+ rubies I’ve gotten from the Daily Attendance! A strawberry inspired home, furniture, and even new rare items have been made….they should’ve just combined all of these aspects into one event I guess.

I love the dress; it reminds me of Strawberry Shortcake trying to be a Cinderella of some sort? The clothes have this theme of fantasy integrated into them. The guys’ suit/top/whatever looks like it turns into a shiny glittery lizard tail, haha. I’ve also noticed Fantage likes making food inspired hats like the cheese hats in the Chez Fantage reopening.

Fantage sure does love red fruits. First tomatoes, then strawberries, and probably a cherry event? 😛


  • Hair: Otherworldly
  • Dress: Mythical
  • Shoes: Very Rare
  • Hat: Ultra Rare
  • Board: Legendary

I’ve only gotten the hat and shoes. I need the dress so badly though, it’s my favorite item out of the bunch. What’s your favorite item from the new rares?


Using the photo booth, I made an outfit with the dress. I have second thoughts about the dress now…it makes the Fantagian look really fat. 😛

New Premium Member Gift



The PM gift for boys is okay; I’d prefer that the membership sign wasn’t so large on it? However, the girls’ gift is one of the most magnificent things I’ve ever seen. It’s so elegant, the purple ombre looks amazing, the shading is pretty good, and it reminds me of the colors of the galaxy. It’s so…..beautiful. 😮


  1. Wearing lavender/purple in your color scheme helps.s a great way to style the hair without having to cover up the headband.
  2. If you hate the headband, you can actually cover it up pretty well with head accessories
  3. Adding a yellow accessory to match the headband is helpful too.

Here’s how I would wear it:


My favorite outfits are the 2nd and 4th ones. 🙂


cutiecake signature yay finally


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