Coming Soon-St. Patrick’s Day 2016


Woo hoo! A new event is coming soon- Saint Patrick’s Day! Finding a Leprechaun probably means me compiling a huge list of the answers to the hints Fantage provides. Inferring from the image, the Leprechaun will hide in a pot of gold? Perhaps we could win actual gold from this event? Nah, most probably not despite a virtual Leprechaun is actually going to hid in  stash of gold……


The limited items look really nice for this event! The first male set on the left looks ehh; I really just don’t like the color combinations in it. Fantage also seems to love making glasses! First the heart ones in the Valentines Day event, and now the clover themed glasses in this event.

The first female set looks nice; I especially adore the dress! I’m really hoping that the hair is separate from the miniature clover themed cowgirl hat on it. As for the second for both genders are so beautiful. I might as well cry virtual tears of joy. The girls’ dress could be a crop-top and high waisted bottom like the Valentines Day event. And the shoes, oh the shoes…I don’t know what to say about them-except that they look like decent shoes that people will actually want to buy not just for the sake of collecting all the limited items!

And for the guy items, they are simply fabulous. 😀 Does anyone just love how the clovers the models are holding are very well pixelated?

The second set’s shoes for girls look a lot like these. Don’t you agree?

What are your thoughts everyone?


cutiecake signature yay finally


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