Fantage: St. Patrick’s Day 2016

Woo hoo, it is finally here! Let’s check it out!

Event Info:


Wow, those are a lot of gold coins you got there Mr. Leprechaun….


This event includes limited items, a medal, and new limited plants for the farm. It’s extremely different from what I thought it would be like. It’s pretty similar to the 2013 St. Patrick’s Day event….

2013’s St. Patrick’s Day event.

See what I mean?  Fun fact: The Leprechaun’s name is O’Brien. 😮

The scenery around Fantage was updated as well for this event. All of the snow from the winter in Uptown and Downtown has melted with the snowmen. Now, everything is green!

Uptown sure has a ton of luscious green grass. There are also tiny shamrocks growing.
Downtown also has lots of green grass. There’s also a rainbow behind the limited item cart.
Is that the end of the rainbow I see? Nope. Rainbows do not end, sadly. Sigh. They are a full 360 degrees, in other words, circles.

Limited Items:

Finally! A limited item set which members can buy with stars!


Girls’ Set 1:

  1. Hair: 3,000 gold
  2. Dress: 4,000 gold
  3. Shoes: 1,000 gold
  4. Earrings: 1,500 gold
  5. Lucky Clover Accessory: 1,500 gold

Girls’ Set 2:

  1. Hair: 3,000 gold OR 6,000 stars
  2. Dress/Top: 2,000 gold OR 4,000 stars
  3. Skirt: 2,000 gold OR 4,000 stars
  4. Bracelet: 1,500 gold OR 3,000 stars
  5. Hat: 1,500 gold OR 3,000 stars
  6. Shoes: 1,000 gold OR 2,000 stars
Poor member guys. Their Set 2 looks awful in my opinion.


Boys’ Set 1:

  1. Hair: 3,000 gold
  2. Shirt: 2,000 gold
  3. Pants: 2,000 gold
  4. Shoes: 1,000 gold
  5. Lucky Clover Accessory: 1,500 gold

Boys’ Set 2:

  1. Hair: 3,000 gold OR 6,000 stars
  2. Shirt: 2,000 gold OR 4,000 stars
  3. Pants: 2,000 gold OR 4,000 stars
  4. Shoes: 1,000 gold OR 2,000 stars
  5. Glasses: 1,500 gold OR 3,000 stars

Pretty decent limited items. Be sure to see a styling post soon!

Limited Farm Plants:


Limited plants? Well, it is shamrock season, if that is even a thing because clovers are usually weeds in a flowerbed but whatever. Grow these plants at your farm for a chance to get shamrocks to level up!

I suggest doing the regular cloves instead of the Lucky Clovers if you want to experience points. There are 60 minutes in an hour. 60 divided by 30 is 2. 2 times 7 is 17 experience points. The lucky clovers however have a better chance of you getting clovers for your medal though.

When the regular clovers are ready to be harvested, they’ll look like this:


When the Lucky Clovers are done, they’ll look like this:


The clovers look so pretty ^~^. I love the tiny red, white, and yellow flowers on them. The clovers are also magically really glimmery and shiny. 😮

A tip I have is to grow some wheat alongside your shamrocks, so nobody steals your precious shamrocks for sunlight energy. I usually just plant 3 wheat plants.

Finding the Clovers:

Update: You can actually find the Leprechaun! You have to search all over Fantage for him, from the Lobby of the Hall of Fame, the school gym, to the costume shop. You may even find him in a secret area if you are very unlucky…

When you finally find him, your screen will have many clovers on it, and a Leprechaun saying, “Ha, you found me!” or something about getting more shamrocks. Wearing a whole set of the limited items will make 5 more clovers appear on your screen, and being a member gets you 10 more. Click the clovers to collect them!

Woo hoo! I found the him in Le Shop.

By the way, it takes 20 clovers to level up your medal.


Here’s another fun fact: You can’t actually find the Leprechaun in Fantage… I’ve looked everywhere for the past hour and have not found him. Until Fantage patches this glitch up, the only way to receive shamrocks to level up is from your farm, or from buying shamrocks. :/


Click that button to see how many clovers you’ve gotten. Has anyone noticed how Fantage made a spelling error? Leprechaun is not spelled Leprechan, Fantage…


You of course can buy shamrocks with gold if you don’t want to plant them or find them.

I went on my new account so people won’t just look at my gold balance. Sigh…

1,000 divided by 10 is 100, so each shamrock costs 100 gold each. I wouldn’t spend that much gold on shamrocks in an instant if you haven’t tried planting them/searching for them.


Luckiest medal of 2016, Fantage? Great. A hard to level medal unless you have a lot of patience/time or if you spend a lot of gold. This medal levels up to level 5 for non premium members, and level 10 for premium members.

Have fun collecting clovers!

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