Oops….I forgot about it.
Starts in 10 minutes!


Hello! I’ve seen these events become really popular recently…so why should I not host one of them?



The uniform attire as pictured above is to be worn during the event. These are pretty cheap outfits, and everything can be bought by non-members with stars.

Set Up:

Server: Mahogany Mongoose
Date: Friday March 4, 2016
When: 6:00 P.M. Fantage Standard time.
Where: Mt. Fantage

*The FST can be found in Pet Town if you are unfamiliar with FST.

The events will be held in the following order:

Fashion Show:

For every game of traditional fashion (Top Models Fashion Show) show won, one point will be given. There will only be 2 fashion shows because fashion show is basically judging how well of an inventory you have… It’s not the most fair game.

I’ll also be hosting a fashion show at the Grotto after we’re finished playing the traditional fashion show in…

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