Hangout Pics+ How to Easily Recolor

Hey y’all! Wow, I’ve been saying y’all a lot. Before I start this tutorial, I’d like to thank everyone for coming to my Hangout. I’m extremely sorry I couldn’t properly finish it, as my baby sister threw a huge temper-tantrum… Not pleasant. Well, if you weren’t there, here are some pictures I took!

I took some more pictures, but I can’t find them. Oh well. The wonderful Min took some more pictures, click here to see them!

The winner of the Hangout is rainbowstar, and the runner up is mangos. Rainbowstar, please claim you prize from the prize bank. 😉 A special shoutout to mangos, who reminded me I had the Hangout, lol. Once rainbowstar has chosen a prize, mangos can also choose one.

Time for my easy tutorial!

First off, you’ll need a picture of the item you want to recolor. If it has the mannequin or something like that, erase the mannequin thing on paint. I’ll be using a picture of the infamous Cool Cat Hair:


Make sure you’ve saved the picture to your computer!

Now the next step is to go on . PicMonkey looks like this:


Go to the Design category, and go to the Custom canvas. Make your canvas 300 x 300.


Now, you should have this on your screen:


See the butterfly? Click it.


See the “Your Own” button? Click that and insert the picture of the item you want to recolor.


The color thing on the Overlay pop up is how you recolor your item. Just simply move the tiny circle around until you’ve got the color you want your item to be recolored to.


Done! All you need to do is save your picture. I like to use the snipping tool for this because I don’t like all of the excess white area when I edit, for it takes up too much space on my laptop.

Enjoy your new edited hair!


The hair I edited in this tutorial is free to use, no credit needed.


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