How Original Are Us Fantagians?


Today, I will be writing yet another Fantage conspiracy, How original are us Fantagians?

No, I’m not talking about our generic Fantage styles. I’m talking about our crazy “trading” system which was sort of created around the time of the Trade N’ Sell, and of that that jazz.


The ancient African kingdoms actually were kind of similar with their trading system. For instance, the ancient African kingdoms had a system which today is called “Silent Barter”.

Well Julia, what the heck is Silent Barter?

Silent Barter

This system of trading allowed African kingdoms to trade many people, most who didn’t speak the same language as them. How does this correlate Julia? Are you giving me a social studies lesson? 

The first “party” would put down their item for trade in a quiet area, surrounded by guards of the kingdom. This is like going first in a trade with friends to watch you trade, just in case anything goes wrong.

Next, when the first person had put down their items and left, the second person would take the item the first person had placed down in this “secret area”. Then, the second party would put down their offer. Now, they’d want to put down a good offer. Ghana had many riches such as gold, and people wanted valuable luxuries. The trader wouldn’t want to be banned from the kingdom and lose the chance to get such riches. Finally, the first person would take the items the second person placed down.

If they scammed the person, the trader who went second would put down nothing, or an extremely cheap and worthless item.

In Fantage, the second person would put down their item in their kiosk and the first person would buy it. Hooray, the trade is finished! If the Fantage trader scammed the other player, they’d close their kiosk, or remove the item from the kiosk.

The first person would never get a decent outcome from the trade, and basically lost some valuable items/resources.

You had my trust, scammer!

Trade Routes

Now for the “trade routes”. In Ghana, people from all around the world would travel on these trade routes to get to Ghana and trade. Ghana’s government made the traders pay tax for entering, exiting, and basically anything the government could tax.

In MyMall, Fantage makes you pay money to set up a kiosk. Furthermore, we don’t get all of the gold someone pays for any item we sell. Why? Tax takes away some gold.

Wow for tax! It takes away nearly 1/3 of the gold away… Greedy Fantage and Ghana both. Actually, Ghana used the taxes for the army to protect everyone but..


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