Fantagians Will Have Noses!

Hello! Julia what is with it with your title because us Fantagians simply don’t have noses!

Free Premium Member Week


From March 18th to March 2oth there’s going to be free premium member week. The idea of giving out free membership is great and all Fantage, but honestly it always happens when I’ve paid for membership. No, it doesn’t happen when my membership expires and I become a very sad soul, but it only happens when I’m a member. Jinxed much…

Don’t forget that everything you get which is starred will become greyed out if it is for members only!

New MyMall News

Before you all assume something, I took this screenshot on my sister’s account.

Alert, alert! Non members are unable to purchase MyMall kiosks. This means that non members cannot really earn gold or trade whenever they want to. Instead, they must wait to obtain one from either the daily attendance or Lucky Bot. Shame, Fantage!

Limited Edition Items


Hooray for flash sales! I see your tactic Fantage; making non members unable to earn gold while luring them to buy items out of the Fantage economy! I shame Fantage once again. I know Fantage is a business and all, but now membership is really making a difference, as in way too much. If non members don’t even have the rights to buy a MyMall permission, this game might as well be like Minecraft, having to pay for the game itself.

Is Sophia the next biggest NPC? What happened to Michelle?
There are 100 of each item, and only 50 will be sold each time. So, you will be able to get the item again if you do not miss the next sale for it.

Only 100 of each item? I won’t be able to get half of the stuff because I’m busy sleeping or at school at 10 A.M. Sigh. And at 4 P.M., people like me have to go places.


I really want to get items which will actually affect my trendsetter score, thanks Fantage! I will catch up to you Sallo. You can always just get some items-

Well, want to see what’s in the flash sales? I have a spoiler from the Photo Booth!

Aren’t these just adorable?

Aww, so cute! These items are done so well I can’t even. I really want the hair, wings, and-

Wait a minute…



Oh, that wasn’t a glitch?




The worst part is that there’s only 50 of them. Sigh.


cutiecake signature yay finally


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