More Updates

Hello fellow Fantagians!

Ahh, the updates everyone. Besides all of the commotion in MyMall and member weekend, there are more updates. And more. And more. And more. Or maybe I’m just exaggerating this.



The first thing I like to do when I’ve logged on and there is a new event is the Comet magazine. When I turned to the Writer’s Den page, I was so shocked. My “writing” got in! 😀 The only thing I didn’t really like about this is that I never got my medal.

Are you cheering for me?


Well, I just really hope Fantage gives me that 5 levels.

New Prices


Membership no longer comes in 6 months, or in a year. I use the one year plan, and thank god I paid with it before this change came. I’ll always have it re-occuring. I feel as if Fantage is “lowering” the prices so more people will just buy membership. But in reality, they didn’t lower the prices!

They either took away or added gold to a package, thus changing the “value” to one. Don’t use my old cheat for getting membership for cheaper, because this new change is cheaper and comes with gold. (I doubt that it even works now, because Fantage probably found my loop-hole.)

If you still have Fantage Game Cards, it’s a lot cheaper to get FGC items now. That is if you have a Fantage Game Card. Just buy the cheapest package until you don’t have enough money left on your card. 😛 Repeat until you get your desired item.

It Has Started!

Well, it’s not that crowded now. You should’ve seen yesterday! You couldn’t fly without a speech bubble in your face. :/

Free premium member week has started! You can find sales just about everywhere in MyMall. Since non members can no longer buy permissions, almost every non/just about to expire member is buying permissions.

Well, MyMall isn’t all that crowded in the lobby. You see, with all these sales, people are going to other floors to go to the sales.

The only concern I have here is that Fantage might make getting a kiosk with permission only for members. This way, non members cannot get a kiosk in any way, even if they have a kiosk. So if you click on a kiosk with the permission you got from member weekend or from Lucky Bot, it might say it’s for members only!

I’ve sold my Light Brown Hair, and now I have 30,000 gold to spend on this limited sale. I’ve only gotten the wings so far, as they are the only ones to be released at this moment.

Tips I Have


Max your seahorse medal! It goes up to 200 levels, and as a non these levels stay. Just remember that if you catch another seahorse as a non after this weekend, you’ll fix the glitch and your medal will only be level 50!


Buy permissions and hope that you’ll be able to use them after PM weekend.


Work on medals such as the gaming medal. Sure, it won’t help you as a non but it’s still quite fun and you get levels as a member.

If you love leveling for no reason as a member even though the membership will run out soon, play fashion show, pinatas, missions, and give out stickers.


If you want levels which will be active as a non-member, play the treasure hunter puzzles for members. Memepony has most, if not all the answers on her YouTube channel. You get 200 stars for each puzzle completed, and a total of up to 14 levels.


Buy bonus levels! As a member, your level will be higher, resulting in you being able to buy more bonus levels that you might not have access to as a non member because bonus levels are unlocked by your level. Put those e-coins to use!


Do NOT buy member clothes or pet eggs. When you turn into a non, you won’t be able to use the clothes because they’ll be greyed out. The pets you hatched with eggs will be greyed out also. The only way to get those pets back is to reset your whole entire barn. Every single pet will be gone. :/

Go to member exclusive areas such as the V.I.P. room in Top Models, or the spa’s hot springs, just for fun!


Get the Q-Blast premium member gift.


On a low server go to the Hall of Fame. You can get a trendsetter medal if you’re in the top 50 trendsetters, Fantage Estates medal from your homes, decorator medal from collecting furniture, and a Superstar medal if you’re in the top 10 highest leveled members in the server.


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