My event post will be out tomorrow, sorry for the inconvenience!

I literally screamed when I saw this in the Comet. My baby sister even asked me if I was okay…
I heard you have noses! 😮

My comic got it! I have a feeling as if Fantage is choosing my work because I spent all that money on Fantage, not for the actual quality of my work. The only thing I like about this comic is the nose part. And for the “fab” part, I stole that from Emily. 😉


I got a medal, too. I’d suggest trying to enter the Comet, since you can level 5 levels for the Writer’s Den, a participant’s medal, 1st place medal, 2nd place medal, and 3rd place medal. You can even get 5 medals every time your picture gets into the Comet for the Editor’s choice section. 😀

Nope, not edited.

I was wanting to share this before, but never did. The Easter 2016 medal’s max wasn’t actually level 10. 😮 Another Fantagian had a medal which was level 20!

As for more updates, my Fantage YouTube account will be terminated because my sister got into it and put my real age. :/ Now, the account will be deleted in 29 days.

I’ve made a new YouTube, and this is my only video right now. The channel will be updated with a cover soon. ;-; I learned how to download free night core music, so if you all want a tutorial on that, I might post it on Monday. I am officially obsessed with night core music. In fact, I’ve been listening to it for the past 4 hours…

I’ll be hosting another Hangout tomorrow in the server Periwinkle Puffin, at 5 P.M. FST. First, I’ll be waiting at Mt. Fantage. We’ll be playing a lot of team battle, if anyone remembers me mentioning how that works in my previous Hangout post.


cutiecake signature yay finally


29 thoughts on “Updates

      1. Why yes I do.
        What type of nose would you like?
        A stubby nose
        a pointy nose
        a thin nose
        a fat nose
        a long nose
        a short nose
        a lenny face nose
        or a nose?
        Choose wisely.

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