New Shop Items + More

Posing on fleek.

That feeling when you log on Fantage to see that your avatar is posing. 😛


If you guys have heard about the new shop items which came out 2 days ago, you’ve probably already seen these signs in Uptown and Downtown. Clicking these signs will make some advertisements for the new items pop up.

The signs for new shop items look so modern these days. I remember back in 2013 when these signs would have NPCs on them.
Is that a grid background? Grids are love. Grids are life.

Woo hoo for new shop items!



These looks floral themed, and a have a somewhat spring essence. The blonde girl’s hair reminds me of Tumblr for some reason.

Don’t you see the resemblance? Fantage’s hair has a few “strands” of hair out, which makes the buns look messy like the ones on Tumblr.

Most of you guys know that I love shop items. It’s probably because I can’t save gold, but who cares! Spending your stars and ecoins on shop items can be beneficial, as they can retire any day and be worth a lot. Such examples include but are not limited to: Red Gym Shorts, Black N’ White Shorts, Cinnamon Curls, Shiny Blonde Hair, and Alyssa Style.

Dang Fantage, back at it again with using eyes on models which actual Fantagians can’t wear!

Uhm…is that a crop top…wait is that two crop tops? 😮

That set on the right is all for non members, and that was quite surprising to me. It’s my absolute favorite set out of the bunch. 😀 As a set, I don’t think the dog bag matches with the modern chic look. The black shoes look quite nice. As for the metallic shorts, they’re alright if you can style em’ correctly.


Isn’t the middle set a bit revealing…? The crop top kind of looks like something you’d buy at Victoria’s Secret, but it’s pretty though. The hoop earrings are a recolor of a pair of rare earrings. The shoes are really nice, as they don’t look like most of Fantage’s shoes. I’m not a fan of the neon pink hair..but that’s just my taste. 😉

The set to the left is adorable! The crystal heels are a bit bulky if you ask me. The dress is well pixeled and isn’t revealing. The hair is an edit of another hair in the shop, and it’s not bad.


Many other bloggers are saying how Fantage is so unoriginal, but when an editor does something like this they are praised. I don’t understand what’s so wrong with Fantage doing this. The employees who work for Fantage are people, too.


Even if I’m not the best at male fashion, I have to give Fantage some credit for the first set. The hair in the middle set looks like a recolor of one of the NPCs at the boyband event. As for the guys’ last set, it’s not the greatest. Look at those shoes…what are thooose?


I’m glad that they put the #Boyband items into use! I mean, how’d you like it if you made items and nobody wore them…





I don’t think I ever got to talk about the boards! All I can say is that they are cute, and amazing, and beautiful, and spectacular, and fabulous, and extremely expensive so that I’ll be broke after buying one of them. 😉


That feeling when it doesn’t even feel like spring where you live. #thenycglobalwarmingthatwillbethedeathofme


Aww, cute little cats! Wait a minute…






Cats these days…

I feel like a moviestar.

If you haven’t noticed this obnoxiously obvious update, your inventory now has a bunch of spotlights surrounding your avatar! It reminds me of those spotlight vanities in real life. 😮 So fancy. Maybe even fancier than Sunstar.


There’s also new categories to sort your inventory. By clicking that color button, you can scroll down and see all the new themes available. I’ve compiled a list of all the new categories:


Most of them don’t work, though. Sorting through over 4,000 items isn’t the easiest job for Fantage..

And I never got to max out the beach fashion show medal. :/

There’s also been a new update to Fashion Show. The Beach option is no longer available, and the format is different.

Hosts can’t get out of their area thing, the format is different, and it gives out less stars and points for you medal. Squee.


Different format for when you’re in your inventory.


Format changed.




There’s only 4 poses, back to the basics!

The format has been changed once more.


There’s a new PM gift out, so get it if you’re a member. Personally, the board is great but I don’t know if I’d really wear it that much. If April showers bring May flowers, then I’m guessing that the May gift will have something to do with flowers. 😉


Ahh, there! A decent outfit with the board.

Since my pets are attention hoarding pixels who want to photobomb every OOTD I take, introducing……my pet!

His smile brings all the pets to my barn. 😉


While taking pictures of my pet, HE DECIDED TO FLIRT WITH AN ALIEN CODY MINION. His over-the-top smile actually worked.


cutiecake signature yay finally


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