Spanish Server Cheats + New Limiteds?

Many Fantagians are quite upset about some of the new updates, such as the Beach Fashion Show option removed. However, you can actually still play it!

Here’s how you do it!


Step One: Log onto to the Spanish version of Fantage. The Spanish server doesn’t have as much lag, and isn’t updated so you can still experience old cheats/tricks on it if you haven’t already.  If you want “old Fantage” back, this is as close as you’ll get.

Step Two: Go to Top Models. Simple enough, right?


Step 3: Click on the curtains, the NPC, or the “Jugar” button to start playing!



Step 4: Go ahead and play! You can either join a fashion show, or host your own. There are two modes, Desfile de Moda de Playa and Desfile de Moda de Supermodelos.  Desfile de Moda de Playa is the Beach option, and Desfile de Moda de Supermodelos is regular fashion show. The regular fashion show will be in the old format, though.


By clicking on the orange button which says “Organiza un desfile de moda”, you can host your own fashion show.

I took this picture today! Hello, beach fashion show.
The old format!

The only downside to this is that almost everything is in Spanish. Spanish and English do have a lot of cognates, which are words that look alike. And most people do know a little bit of Spanish these days. If you don’t know any Spanish, host a fashion show and look at all the options and write them down. Then, put them in a translator to figure out what they mean. So when you play Fashion show in Spanish, you’ll understand what everything is saying. 😀

You can also find the carnival in the Spanish server which looks quite different from the carnival in English Fantage. Cool, right?

There’s also a snowman at Mt. Fantage. Do you wanna build a snowman?

There’s a streetlight in Uptown. By clicking on the red button under it, you can change the light from red to green!



The Spanish version also has no gold.

Zack’s Acting Academy?


There’s double star coupons, too.


It has the old layout to welcome you when you log on. 😮


There’s no PM boutique and no MyMall. However, there’s the Vintage shop, but you can’t enter it. The “cerrado” sign means to stop, so it’s basically stopping you to enter or else.

There’s no cruise, leading you to just see vast blue seas. Who knows how I got my Fantagian out of the picture?

Time to talk about the new prom/wedding apparel Fantage will be releasing!


I really love all of the items here! There’s a pastel theme going on in the cherry blossom set if I’m correct. The braid reminds me of Elsa’s hairstyle from Frozen. The only negative comment I have to make is Why wedding items? There’s already enough “bae” drama on Fantage, and now people might as well get married.


Combat? Bubble gun? I think I’ve already gotten a gist of what might happen during this event. Some NPC has to go to war/fight off an enemy of Fantage while the bride is there sobbing and trying to help too. The braid is a hairstyle which can be worn while fighting and you can still look fabulous for your wedding. XD And the enemy’s weakness might be bubbles..?


And in the making of this post, this advertisement was on my screen.  Yeah, let’s make the children on Fantage date an online person on a game you have to download. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if a Fantagian actually downloaded it, because 90% of Fantagians are desperate to have virtual love. :/


cutiecake signature yay finally


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