Limited Edition Exclusives + More

I’m sorry that this post is 2 days late! I might as well call myself the late updater. 😛

Limited Edition Exclusives

When I saw the “poster” for this event, I was immediately dissapointed. If everything in these Limited Edition items are going to cost me an arm and leg, I wouldn’t buy anything at all. I’m guessing that the Prom event is going to be later this month, or in the beginning of May.

Quick quick, we must destroy all the gold!

It’s just like Fantage is trying to ruin the MyMall economy. I feel as if they are trying to get non members to spend all their gold, and since non members cannot buy MyMall permissions, they’ll end up broke. If Fantage keeps on releasing overpriced items, most people won’t be able to keep up and buy the items at all.


They are SO exclusive and overpriced that it took over 4 hours for some items to be sold out! In fact, 2 of the boys’ items have still not been sold out.


These are the items which Fantage is releasing. They’re cute and all, but I bet I’d be broke from buying one of them.


You can find Sophia in either Uptown or Downtown. If you click on her, this will pop up like last time:


Click Start to start your journey on becoming broke! Here are the items which have been sold so far, and their prices:

Price: 15,000 gold
Price: 15,000 gold
Price: 12,000 gold
Price: 15,000 gold
Price: 8,000 gold

Uhm, 8,000 gold for a pair of boots? :/


If you have OCD and only want to wear things in their set, you can always look in the upper right hand corner. There, you can see what items are in a set.

Items are released a 10 A.M. Fantage Standard Time and again at 4 P.M. Fantage Standard Time in batches of 50 items. This was actually a pretty decent idea, as if you miss the first set you can always be there for the next release. Another good thing is that you don’t have to refresh to get the items anymore! So, you can just sit there waiting on the page until they are released.


Aside from the exclusive items, the Trendsetter items have finally been updated!


Instead of 2365 items, there is now 2397 items for girls which include the items from the previous 5 events. This includes both exclusive item events.

fg.PNGAs for guys, there are now 2328 items instead of 2300. They still haven’t quite updated Trendsetters, as the ranking are a bit off.

Oh wow, I just realized in about a month will mark my 3 year anniversary on Fantage!

The rankings still have the original count for how many Trendsetter items you have. The new items do count for your score, though.

Other Things


Did anyone else experience this on Thursday? When I tried to log into the more populated servers, Fantage would load from 32% to 33% to this message…


For the first time in forever, I actually got something decent in Lucky Bot! Sadly, I already used up all the ecoins on bonus levels. 25,000 ecoins for some levels, but I had no other good use for them. 😛 As a member, I can buy all the shop items I want with stars, and just using the jackpot on more Lucky Bot chances would be a waste of ecoins because I’d probably get tons of furniture anyways.

Oh my, why are you heartbroken?

Earlier today, Sunstar reached this level! 1234 is such a glorious number. Perhaps it’s even more lovely than the one and only leet, 1337.

MyMall has been brewing with some great deals, so if you’re not buying any Exclusive items, you can search the floors of MyMall for some great deals. I got a hair for 3k gold, when it’s actually worth 12k!


cutiecake signature yay finally


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