Forcing Myself to Post This


dulcent honey

This should be a fairly short post, because I’ve kind of gotten sick of writing them. :/

Blogging has become a painful chore which I’ve pushed aside. Blogging about Fantage events is pointless because they’re so simple and self explanatory. Blogging about Fantage fashion takes up too much time. Why waste an hour on making outfits to only have 5 people actually read/comment on them? It’s much easier to be on Instagram and post one picture. And people to actually look at them.

I haven’t and won’t be posting much on Fantagebirds. Why should I write an 1000 word post on something when people should be able to comprehend themselves? I mean, if you can’t read 3 sentence instructions on Event Info signs that’s sad.I mean if there was anything worthwhile to post about, I would.  I might if there happens to be anything like a cheat/glitch.

I’ll be sticking to…

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