Fantage Diss Track!

**This post contains some vulgar language. If you don’t like cuss/etc., stop reading this post and go play outside or something.**

A Fantage diss track? What are you thinking Julia? Aren’t you supposed to be dead?

Well as a bored dead blogger, I don’t know what I’m thinking anymore. I don’t even know how to start a post normally. Don’t ask.

Anyways, here’s the secret to the universe

Oops, I meant the diss track brought to you by a cringey 12 year old who shouldn’t be on the Internet..and no I’m not talking about Jacob Saggytits.


Shades on, leggo.


Your best players are probably 50 year old men who are outta wack,

And your items look more shitty than an ol’ potato sack,

You don’t pay your employees enough so that when they look at their paycheck,

They make crappy events so bored users host tryouts for virtual sex,

Le Shop looks like a pile of shit,

Who the hell did you hire to do this remodel, do they have a permit?

This is probably the only pixel game with 3 currencies,

Seriously, SOS this is a emergency!

Banning innocent people and not scammers because that’s the plan,

What the hell is this, I just don’t understand!

You brainwash 7 year olds to think that you need to have a bae to be cool,

These admins really just need to go to school,

A million dollars to buy one exclusive pixel,

Damn these prices are high, it’s official,

You get kids to whine to use their parents’ credit card,

You don’t even give them decent stuff, its all starred,

This game is going down for real,

I bet its worth less than a box of cereal,

I can’t say show but I can say fiouc,

This chat filter system is more dumb than Donald Duck,

This game going down quicker than my GPA,

Look at all these pissed off users, they ain’t gonna stay,

I’m really hoping for an event all about bleach,

All these players would gulp it down like a peach,

Where’s all the creativity?

Cause repeat Christmas events definitely don’t shout festivity,

Non members can’t even sell at MyMall,

They’d rather hang out in a dirty bathroom stall,

You got an ABC room at Fantage school,

Yet you can’t even spell Rosie, what a damn fool,

The hall of fame?

More like the hall of people who ain’t gotta life , lame!

You got prepubescent avatars wearing bikinis,

And you got boys saying they’ll bang these girls with a pixel dick that’s teeny weeny,

You know that PM Boutique?

Its popularity level went down in less than a week,

The clubhouse is filled weebs and people who need attention,

Its not helping your 1 star rating get any higher, did I forget to mention?

I hope this manager gets his shit in place,

Because Fantage ain’t no Fantastic age- it’s a disgrace.


*drops microphone*

cutiecake signature yay finally


33 thoughts on “Fantage Diss Track!

  1. holy shit julia i never thought i’d hear you say those sentences LOL
    Seriously though, great job! Wouldn’t have thought of most of these myself. How long did it take for you to write this post?

    Liked by 2 people

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