Finding Elfie Cheats- Fantage 2016

Your dead blogger Julia has returned once again with her event help posts! Honestly I’m so bored, and since I have 3 more months left on Fantage, why not make use about it and help others?

Alright, time to get to the event.

Eflie looks like this:


Once you find him for the first time, you get a medal:


The medal’s max is 10 for non-members, and 20 for members.

You also get snowflakes:



  • Someone saw him using a calculator- School 123 Room
  • Mission Clue- Mission Center
  • Helicopter-Mountain
  • Lily the Blue Fairy-Grotto
  • Lotus in a Pond- Near Creature Arena Thind in the Forest
  • Seagull in Sunglasses- Lighthouse
  • Clean Fantage Sign- School
  • The Coconut Tree- Beach
  • Chalkboard and an Apple- School Room ABC
  • School Bell- Inside School First Floor
  • Lots of trees- Forest near Arrest Leprechaun Sign
  • Saxophone- Music Room in School
  • Cubes and Laser- Q- Blast
  • Crystal Ball- Orion’s rare items
  • Shark- Beach
  • Pumpkin- Costume Shop
  • Michelle owns this place- Le Shop
  • Waiter- Chez Fantage (Cruise Ship Restaurant)
  • Present Shape Building- Outside MyMall
  • Hook and Book- Fantage School Gym
  • Telescope- Lighthouse Top Floor
  • Moodies- Idfone Shop
  • British Officer- Castle
  • Poison- Lighthouse Basement
  • Piano and Bed- Furniture Shop
  • DJ- Beach Dance Club
  • Swan Boat- Grotto
  • Water Slide- Cruise Ship
  • Puzzles- Arcade
  • Wooden Building- Snowboarding Lodge Cabin Thingy
  • Underground Tunnel- Downtown Mission Center Tunnel
  • O&X- School Gym
  • Cosmic Crest- Grotto
  • Fantage Legends- Hall of Fame 3rd Floor
  • Jamie- Clubhouse
  • Carrots and Watermelon- School Cafeteria
  • Two Seagulls- Lighthouse Top Floor
  • Coldest Place in Fantage- Mt. Fantage
  • Luxurious Car FC500- Furniture Shop
  • Campfire- Mt Fantage
  • Shampoo- Stellar Salon
  • Golden Figures- Hall of Fame-
  • A Heart on the Floor- Le Shop
  • Soda Machine- Cafeteria of School
  • Ferris Wheel – Carnival
  • Fantage Standard Time – Downtown
  • Coffee – Star Cafe
  • Drums – Fantage School Music Room
  • Chalkboard and an Apple – Fantage School Room ABC
  • Lipstick and Eye Shadows – Stella Salon\
  • Mannequin – PM Boutique
  • Mouse – Castle
  • Realtor –  Castle (Inside)
  • Bushes with Flowers – Near Top Models
  • Take Out – Star Cafe
  • Newest Building in Fantage – Clubhouse
  • Pixie and Soapie Stan – Q-Blast
  • Hats – Le Shop
  • Roulette- Lucky Bob’s
  • Wooden Floor- Fantage School Gym
  • Brick Set- Top Models
  • Sunbed- Island
  • Calculator – School Room 123
  • Aloha! – Resort
  • Swimsuits – High Tide
  • Animal Footprints – Pet Academy
  • Warm and Relaxing – Spa
  • Harambe- Zoo
  • Shell Motivated Building – Spa
  • Colors and Themes – Top Models Inc.
  • Reporters – Comet & Co.
  • Helicopter- Mt. Fantage
  • Cabin- Mt Fantage
  • Agents- Mission Center
  • Wearing a lipstick- Stellar Salon
  • Buying Emoticons- IDFone Shop
  • Chess- Fantage School 2nd Floor

To be updated,



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