skype call??

ay guys i’m actually alive

so i was thinking of doing a skype call with a few people with friends irl and some of my wp buddies??

idk but *cough* mangos, kat, anna, susan, carly, luke, and a few other people were on my list wink wonk :^) and anyone else can join if they’d like, as long as you don’t have any issues or drama with anyone on here

p.s.- if anyone likes dnp we can fangirl over it bc i’m pure trash lol rip

-ammini (previously julia)


5 thoughts on “skype call??

  1. I don’t know if Anna would be able to make it. AFAIK, she’s REALLY busy with school stuff right now. :/ (I’m not even sure if she’d even see this post, TBH…)


  2. mmmmmm i dont have skype and i cant voice call but if uve got discord…then hmu man!
    i might wanna make a skype acc tho so….wait for me!
    /just wanna mention i live in ksa so theres gon be huge timezone differences…….

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