If you copy my blog, I will report you to WordPress! Yea, I am pretty mad when someone copies my work, and/or my photos.Add watermarks, people. When you copy me, I will:

~Give you a warning

~Show all my viewers you copied me

~Report you to WordPress

All content on this site was either free of credit or taken by me myself, and I. Most images are from the site Please ask of my permission if you are going to use content from this blog.


23 thoughts on “Copyright

  1. Just in case…
    If my blog DOES wanna copy something from your blog, after we copy the stuff, at the beginning, can we say:
    Credit to the blog Fantage Birds: follow!!!


  2. I get really mad too, when people copy my blog, like at the top of my sidebar, it has the same text: Fantage Flock with the wizard thing. AHEM!!! And my Fun Stuff page????

    Please credit or not copy me. I know a lot of people might use the sign, but I did my blog name with the wizard thing and you did too. Also I made a Fun Stuff page.

    And if you won’t moderate my comment, here’s the thing:
    Everyone has a right to say something, okay? Even if you don’t like my comment, you should let me say something, it’s my thoughts, you don’t have to agree with me. 😦 Well, thanks anyways.


  3. Wait… But I saw many blogs that have COPIED you. There are a bunch of blogs that have the same pictures. So I’m not sure if anyone is copying anyone. Anyways, what are some blogs that have copied you? Just curious. Hehehehehehehe. I’m nosy. XD


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