Fantage Accounts

Password: Roses123


Username: jessica_cute0

Password: jessica1


Username: 209
Password: *1000cookies*

——————————————————————————————————————————————Note: Treat these accounts with respect. Please comment down below any rare accounts if you have any you would like to share!

More accounts hopefully coming soon!


76 thoughts on “Fantage Accounts

  1. Usually, people ban these accounts or change the password. I really hope these accounts are not banned, because you are a high level on Fantage so i think you accounts are awesome. Anyways, thank you for posting this. XDDDDDDDDDDDD


                    1. And please don’t make me talk about my transplant. People make fun of me and I just wanted that account to make me feel better. Thats why I am trying my very hardest to find some gold on my old account.

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  2. I have an account to donate!
    She used to be Very, very rare. (but she got hacked lol) This was personal and only like 6 or 4 people knew about it.
    here it is! (she’s still pretty rare just not that much anymore)
    (expired member!)
    (Sorry if it doesn’t work, I haven’t went on it for awhile.)

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  3. Nice blog, but really [insert my name here], your name is [insert my name here] not julia, Who in our family calls you julia, da heck

    *Edited by Julia


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