Lucky Bot Style

Hi people of the internet beautiful isles!

Today I’ll be styling Lucky Bot items!

Lucky Bot

That ol’ bot up there is probably someone we all have encountered. This”(Un)Lucky Bot” gives out some of the most horrid items on Fantage. And, they fill up the pages of your inventory like crazy! Since that bot is very addicting, you might have a lot of his yucky items! Let’s be positive and style them!

The Short Ponytail

short ponytail

I admit, this hair is actually very cute! It works well in casual, lazy, and formal and fancy outfits! It’s spot on fabulous!

Here’s how’d I style it!

short ponytail styled

It just works well with everything!

The Vest


This vest was actually one of my favorite items until I bought prettier ones. 😛 It’s very casual, as if you wore it to a prom, you’d look like you are clueless.

Here’s how I’d style it!

vest styled

I love this vest in a lot of outfits! I love outfits 3 and 4!

The Boots

the boots

Okay these boots are really awesome because you can wear them to anything! A prom, a peasant tryout,(weird but true) and basically anything!

Here’s how I’d style them:

the boots styled

Cute, right?

The Jacket with Spikes

jacket with spikes

Okay, these jackets are some of the most ugliest things to ever be designed. I’ll try to style them. I’ve found that this jacket works well with edgy hairs, and tall, long shoes, as well as wearing shorts.

Here’s how I’d style them:

jaxket with spikes styled

This jacket gives these looks to appear very bold. It’s like being boss or don’t you sass me. 😛

The Plain Sweater

the sweater

These sweaters are okay, I’d wear them but I have much cuter things. It’s very plain, so you can style them in many ways!

Here’s how I’d style them:

the sweater styled

Simple, cute, and Gucci; am I right?
cutiecake signature yay finally


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