Pet Codes

First off, using pet codes to hatch pets besides Mumbo and Jimbo are only for members, so if you’re a non member who wants to hatch all pets with pet codes, you are out of luck!

To hatch a pet, you have to go to your barn.


Next, in your barn you should see the equipment used to hatch eggs. Click on it.


It should lead you to this page:


Different eggs are used to hatch different pets. If you use eggs to hatch member pets, when your membership ends you will no longer be able to use that pet. :/



Starter Egg

  • Weebo: Warm Temperature, Low Light
  • Rumbo: Medium Temperature, High Light
  • Jimbo: Medium Temperature, Medium Light
  • Mumbo: Cool Temperature, Low Light
  • Tombo: Cool Temperature, High Light


Sunshine Egg

  • Rocki: Warm Temperature, Low Light
  • Poofi: Warm Temperature, Medium Light
  • Beami: Medium Temperature, Highest Light
  • Charmi: Cool Temperature, Low Light
  • Sparkli: Medium Temperature, Medium Light


Orange Star Egg

  • Ceelo: Cool Temperature, Medium Light
  • Mylo: Warm Temperature, Low Light
  • Lolo: Warm Temperature, Highest Light
  • Halo: Warm Temperature, High Light
  • Shylo: Cool Temperature, Highest Light


Spotted Egg

  • Tootsie: Medium Temperature, Medium Light
  • Bubu: Cool Temperature, Medium Light
  • Bello: Warm Temperature, Lowest Light
  • Chloe: Cool Temperature, Low Light
  • Bella: Warm Temperature, Highest Light


Fiery Orange Egg

  • Fluffie: Medium Temperature, Lowest Light
  • Punkie: Medium Temperature, Highest Light
  • Scruffie: Cool Temperature, High Light
  • Ashie: Warm Temperature, Low Light
  • Pixie: Warm temperature,High Light


Olive Egg

  • Elli: Cold Temperature, Lowest Light
  • Leefi: Cool Temperature, Medium Light
  • Feebie: Medium Temperature, High Light
  • Kiki: Warm Temperature, High Light
  • Zumi: Warm Temperature, Lowest Light


Cloudy Egg

  • Razzle: Warm Temperature, High Light
  • Jigglie: Medium Temperature, Highest Light
  • Peachfuzz: Warm Temperature, Low Light
  • Goober: Cold Temperature, Low Light
  • Bloopie: Low Temperature, Medium Light


Purple Madness Egg

  • Monko: Warm Temperature, Lowest Light
  • Nana: Cool Temperature, Low Light
  • Flora: Medium Temperature, Medium Light
  • Turnip: Cold Temperature, High Light
  • Spinner: Cool Temperature, Highest Light


Red Ribbon Egg

  • Zuzu: Warm Temperature, Highest Light
  • Jombo: Hot Temperature, low light
  • Karu: Hot Temperature, Highest Light
  • Chibu: Cold Temperature, Highest Light
  • Miku: Cool Temperature. Lowest Light


Secret Lock Egg

  • Snowball: Cool Temperature, High Light
  • Lovely: Cold Temperature, Low Light
  • Minty: Medium Temperature. lowest light
  • Puffy: Hot Temperature, Medium Light
  • Rakoon: Warm Temperature, Low Light


Snowy Egg

  • Twinkle: Cool Temperature, Low Light
  • Gilbert: Cold Temperature. Medium Light
  • Shivers: Warm Temperature, Medium Light
  • Wally: Hot Temperature, Highest Light
  • Beeker: Hot Temperature, Lowest Light

Ribbons Family

Pointy Egg

  • Pogo: Medium Temperature, Low Light
  • Bobo: Cold Temperature, Low Light
  • Yoyo: Warm Temperature, Lowest Light
  • Rob: Cool Temperature, Medium Light
  • Jojo: Hot Temperature, Low Light

Holiday Pets

Holiday Egg

  • Tom-Tom: Medium Temperature, Low Light
  • Blizzy: Cool Temperature, Medium Light
  • Springy: Warm Temperature, High Light
  • Cotton: Warm Temperature, Low Light
  • Rosie: Warm Temperature, Medium Light



Coming Soon!


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