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Luke’s Amazing Fantage 432k Gold GIVEAWAY! 6/8-7/8/16


some things

From today to July 8, you can comment on RANT AND REMINISCENCE *ONLY* to get a chance to be one of the three lucky people to win 144,000 Gold! 

Gold Giveaway Poster


Prize (3 winners)

On July 8, I’ll post a screenshot of three randomly-picked winners who will each get 144,000 Gold.

Note: If you’re a nonmember without permission, the only thing I can tell you is to buy the $3.99 membership, which I think is totally worth getting 144,000G.


  1. No using other accounts. I will verify that nobody is using another WordPress account by checking IP addresses. If two or more people have the same IP address, I will disqualify all entries with that IP address.
  2. If you are one of the winners and you don’t claim your prize by July 15, I will pass your prize to…

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Awakened from the Dead.

This post has been a draft for over a week; parts of it will be really old news!

As you can tell from the title, I’m actually active! I’ve been liking and commenting on posts but not as much, and I haven’t written a post in what seems like forever. Excuse the awkward vibe this post may give you since I haven’t written a post in a long time. It feels so new to me, even though it’s not.

Alright, shall I start with the updates/actual good pacts of this post?

Fantage Reoprter News

Yes, my picture got into the Comet Magazine for I think the third time? This isn’t really interesting, is it? I wanted to share this because of the impact it had on me when I realized it got into the Comet. It’s a long story so I’ll try to not get as elaborate into it…

The story goes that my mom went to the doctor’s office and it was a far away one. She had to use the subway and then 2 buses to get there, and then back home. Because Manhattan is a traffic zone, she ended up being late 20 minutes and I was struggling to open the door to my house using my keys. And I couldn’t because they locks are old and hard to open. And I was there standing outside the door struggling and panicking for all that time. Once my mom came home and opened the door, I cooled myself down and finally went on Fantage to realize that my picture got in. Thanks, Fantage! 😛


I’ve been leveling up some more, but not as quickly. I don’t seem to have the motivation I used to have. I got a few more levels for making my new account values (Thank you rainbowstar135 for the username idea!) which is a guy. I “invited” it and made it a premium member, so I got some levels.

Here’s the inventory of values:










I made the account two days ago, and bought 88,000 gold which was $20.00 along with $3.99 membership which came with 1,000 gold. It has re-occuring membership so I might as well stock up on starred limiteds. Luke gave me 99% of the items on the account (basically everything except the starred chalk and the starter items) so I’d like to give him a ginormous thank you! He’s quitting Fantage, so go follow his life blog. 😉

I’ve found out a bunch of new things about Fantage in the past month. First of all, isn’t the only url you can use to access to et to the Fantage homepage. The other urls you can use include:

I found these all out when looking for a new url for this site. I was going to use but it was taken, so I wanted to check out what the site looked like. And to my surprise, it was actual Fantage!

These all redirect you to . Don’t worry, these links are all safe and aren’t some inappropriate joke.

I also tried using but unfortunately it only lead me to this:

An advertising page. Great…

I’ve also found Fantage’s old Comet page. Click here to see it. The site has a bunch of cool stuff, including actually decent Writer’s Den entries, to stationary, to even wallpapers. Here are a few samples from what’s on it.



A coloring sheet of the old Creature Shop.
A coloring sheet of the old Arcade.
A coloring sheet of Le Shop.
Old Fantage Map wallpaper
The Castle.
The classic Fantage wallpaper which was actually made by a user, tipu.
A birthday invitation card


There’s a new event on Fantage, a Pizza Party in celebration of the end of the school year. Unfortunately I still have school until the end of June, and Australian school kids have a long way to go until their summer break arrives. 😮


What I find most funny in this in event is Luigi. He reminds me of Mario. 😛

He just seems more chubby to me. Does anyone else see the resemblance…or is it just me?

Event Info



Is that a Luigi poster? I also see some balloons near the soda machine, along with a banner of the colors of Italy’s flag, with pizza triangles. Wait…TRIANGLES?

By clicking either this button qaaaa or Luigi, this will pop up on your screen:

The goal of this event is to collect all 8 of the pizza slices to get the event medal and a prize. You can collect them by playing Pizza Chaos or by buying 8 slices.

Spoiler! The prize item has been leaked from the Photo Booth:


The slice of pizza board is the prize, if you were confused. 😛



nty pls.PNG
Pretty self explanatory. It reminds me of the Cupcake Conundrum event game which Fantage held a long time ago. Memories, sigh.
You have 60 seconds to serve as many pizza slices as possible. Click the customer’s bubble or plate to serve them. I’m getting a glitch where the first pizza I serve is incorrect even though it isn’t, and it takes 15 seconds to make everything load. 

When you serve the customer incorrect, the broken heart appears. When you complete the order correctly, the pink heart appears.

Of course I was writing a post, and forgot about the whole game…
You can buy a slice of pizza for 1,000 gold, as expected. This is much cheaper than the 2,000 gold for the sushi event, probably because the Fantage economy has lost millions of gold to the Limited Item Exclusive shenanigan. :/
noot noot.PNG
This pops up on your screen when you buy a pizza slice.
To get the medal you must collect all 8 of the pizza slices. Members will earn 10 levels while regular members will only earn 5. It costs 8,000 gold for 5 or 10 levels, which is actually pretty reasonable!

Limited Items


Items can be purchased in either Uptown or Downtown by clicking on these carts. Does anyone else see how Fantage made the Fantagians’ crotch area oddly stand out?



  • Mustache: 2,000 gold
  • Headband: 2,000 gold
  • Shirt: 3,000 gold
  • Pizza: 2,000 gold
  • Board: 4,000 gold



  • Mustache: 2,000 gold
  • Headband: 2,000 gold
  • Shirt: 3,000 gold
  • Pizza: 2,000 gold
  • Board: 4,000 gold

One sentence: Go buy the mustache.

Speaking about mustaches, here’s a pun about them!

What’s the name of a cow’s mustache?


A moostache! 


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Mother’s Day 2016 + Cheat

Special cheat is at the end of the post! Rainbowstar did this yesterday and nobody noticed her update for this cheat. Go check it out by clicking here!

Mother’s Day! The day which you must help your mom out and treat her like a queen although she should be treated like that every day. I like to think of Mother’s Day as a reminder that moms do so much.

Since Fantage loves to host events and make money because they’re a company, here’s Mother’s Day 2016 for you!

Event Info:


By clicking on this sign located in Uptown and Downtown, you’ll see this pop up on your screen:

That two question marks in the Lovely Coupon Book section…Is that a typo or??

There’s limited items, a Mother’s Day Card, a coupon book, and a free gift which will be available on 5/8. It’s a classic event that Fantage brings back- with the almost same activities.

Making A Card

If you want to make a card for your mom, you can click the Play button in the Event info. You have to print out this card using a printer, so some people are out of luck if thy do not have one. To be honest, nobody wants a card that you print from a website. There’s not that much effort put into it. Yes you can customize it and all, but wouldn’t you prefer a handmade one instead?

Shall we start?


Using the stickers on the left, you can decorate your card. Just drag them onto the card. If you want to get rid of a sticker you put on the card, drag it back to the square with all the stickers. And when you want to print it, just click Finish.


You can also customize the other sides of the card by clicking on the little arrows.


There are a total of 4 sides to this card, and one of them just has Fantage’s logo on it.


These are basically coupons for chores/etc. You give them to your mom as a present, but to me the concept of these coupons are kind of sad if you ask me. Wouldn’t you do something for your mom without a coupon?

From the event info, you click on the play button and from there, you’ll be led to this:


Click Print and your coupon book will be ready! All you’ll need to do is fold it after you’ve printed it.


I’d show you all a picture of how the coupon book looks after you’ve finished making it but I have no device to take a picture of it at the moment.

Limited Items:



Set 1
  • Dress: 5,000 gold
  • Hair: 4,000 gold
  • Ribbon: 2,000 gold
  • Basket: 2,000 gold
  • Shoes: 1,500 gold
Set 2
  • Dress: 5,000 gold OR 10,000 stars
  • Hair: 4,000 gold OR 8,000 stars
  • Basket: 2,000 gold OR 4,000 stars
  • Shoes: 1,500 gold OR 3,000 stars
Set 3
  • Dress: 5,000 gold
  • Hair: 4,000 gold
  • Basket: 2,000 gold
  • Shoes: 1,500 gold
  • Earrings: 2,000 gold
Dresses? Guys do not wear dresses in the 21st century, Fantage.


  • Outfit: 5,000 gold
  • Hair: 4,000 gold
  • Basket: 2,000 gold
  • Shoes: 1,500 gold
Set 2
  • Outfit: 5,000 gold OR 10,000 stars
  • Hair: 4,000 gold OR 8,000 stars
  • Basket: 2,000 gold OR 4,000 stars
  • Shoes: 1,500 gold OR 3,000 stars
Set 3
  • Outfit: 5,000 gold
  • Hair: 4,000 gold
  • Basket: 2,000 gold
  • Shoes: 1,500 gold=

Fantage has mega errors in this event. The guys of Fantage have to endure some bad glitches. First, they wear dresses. Second they do not get to see their real prizes unless in the Photo Booth. I’ll explain this later.


This event is all about catching flowers. In the forest, you’ll see it rains flowers every 10 minutes, or every time the FST clock has a 0 at the end of the time, like 5:30 P.M. FST. It rains for around 6-7 minutes.

Yellow flowers go with the yellow outfit, blue flowers go with the blue outfit, and pink flowers go with the pink flowers. Such rocket science. This reminds me of the Summer Camp events with fishing in the lake for prizes in 2013 and 2014.

The flowers keep on refreshing which makes it very annoying for when you change your outfit to match the flowers, and then the flowers refresh. I feel like it’s programmed to make the color of your outfit the flower that does not come up as much in the sky, so if you wear blue there won’t be as many blue flowers. I completed all of the colors yesterday and it took approximately an hour to finish. I’d suggest wearing a unicorn board or anything that makes you move faster to finish quicker and easily.

You get prizes for when you collect 30 of each color.


The prizes are so cute. 🙂 After collecting a prize, you cannot get it again. So, you get stickers instead.


I forgot to take pictures of 2 of the prizes. Oops. Oh well. Here are the item prizestogether in my inventory:


They’re all limited! 😮

Speaking of the boys’ glitches, they get this on their screen when looking at their prizes:


Their prizes are actually these:


I’m not sure if guys got the girls’ prize or the guys’ prize. If you do know, please leave me the answer in the comments!

You also get a medal for every 90 flowers you collect.


The medal goes up to level 5 for non members, and to level 10 for members. To max this medal for a non member, you’d need 450 flowers, and members would need 900. Woah.

I edited the first medal picture. The actual one looks like this:


No comment.

Free Gift!

Free stuff! I love how Fantage is giving away a free gift to all who log on Fantage on 5/8. It’s a great way to encourage people to log on, and you get a reward which is better than 500 stars in the Daily Attendance!

Spoiler! In the Photo Booth, the prize has been leaked.


The prize for girls I think is a slight cuter and more appropriate in my opinion. I mean, how often do you see a guy wearing a purple shirt? 😛

There are also a bunch of other new shop items/maybe some limited which will be released.

The new items that will come out are mostly amazingly done! Most of them are items I’d wear, actually.


I know that some of these are shop items since the Cotton Candy Blue Wavy Hair (Woah, that’s a mouthful to say!) and the Picturesque Ocean Board  are available in …….the Trendsetters!


Rainbowstar135 actually posted this on her blog yesterday while updating the post, so nobody really saw it. I didn’t copy her, though. I found this out on Instagram.

This cheat is only available for girls since the boys’ Trendsetter list has not been updated yet.


Step 1: Go to the Hall of Fame and click on the Trendsetters.

Step 2: Click on the Trendsetters Item List.

Step 3: In the luxury tab, look for the Picturesque Ocean Board and Cotton Candy Blue Wavy Hair.



Note: This is my sister’s account, so don’t go thinking I have that many ecoins. 😛
Bring the (heavy) beach with you!

If a guy on Fantage wants to get these items before they are released, they must buy them from a kiosk in MyMall.

I think this event is alright. The flower catching is a pain in the butt, but I think it’s worth it for the cute prizes. Thoughts on this event, everyone?


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May the Fourth Be With You!

Hola mis amigos! I’ve been inactive for quite awhile due to some family issues. I might post about the next event/update that will happen if this situation clears up. No matter what happens I will still try to update and post on this blog. 😉

Today is May 4th, which is a very special day for Star Wars enthusiasts. It’s a play on words which sounds like “May the Force be with you” from the movies. Speaking of the movies, I believe there are 7 movies which have been released, as well as other movies/shows such as Star Wars Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels.

Well, in this Fantage galaxy there aren’t really any Star Wars inspired clothes to show your love for Star Wars. But as  Leia Organa said, “Somebody has to save our skins.” So, I might as well save you from this Star Wars lacking world.


I love the picture above; it’s another one of those Star Wars puns. On Fantage, you can have a variety of Leia inspired outfits if you try hard enough. Incorporating modern elements to create a modern Leia look is one way I like to spice it up.

Shall I start cosplaying Leia?

Don’t mess with me, man.

I include the first one since most Fantagians do not like to cosplay because they won’t seem cool or generic. I get it, people want to fit in. So, now you have no excuse to not fit in while cosplaying folks!


Rey is a new character in the Star Wars world. She was just introduced into the family in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”.


Since there aren’t so many white wrap outfits like Rey’s in my inventory, I decided to wear many modern outfits which are inspired by Rey. The brown pants remind me of someone fighting/camo pants. For Rey’s outfit, the Mummy Dress from the 2015 Halloween event is an outfit which will work just fine. Too bad I never bought it…

Oh well.

If you’re still stuck on ideas for outfits, these items are some good elements to wear:


There’s one thing in common with all these items- they’re body accessories! Why body accessories? They’re noticeable and you do not have to make your whole outfit revolve around them. It’s not as hard as trying to wear an outfit that has a space theme going on.

Oh, it seems as if my IDFone likes to be scary:




It’s coming.


Get your spam/canned food supply ready, for Fantage is illuminati confirmed! (Or perhaps gold is…or I am).

Trust no one! 😀

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Limited Edition Exclusives + More

I’m sorry that this post is 2 days late! I might as well call myself the late updater. 😛

Limited Edition Exclusives

When I saw the “poster” for this event, I was immediately dissapointed. If everything in these Limited Edition items are going to cost me an arm and leg, I wouldn’t buy anything at all. I’m guessing that the Prom event is going to be later this month, or in the beginning of May.

Quick quick, we must destroy all the gold!

It’s just like Fantage is trying to ruin the MyMall economy. I feel as if they are trying to get non members to spend all their gold, and since non members cannot buy MyMall permissions, they’ll end up broke. If Fantage keeps on releasing overpriced items, most people won’t be able to keep up and buy the items at all.


They are SO exclusive and overpriced that it took over 4 hours for some items to be sold out! In fact, 2 of the boys’ items have still not been sold out.


These are the items which Fantage is releasing. They’re cute and all, but I bet I’d be broke from buying one of them.


You can find Sophia in either Uptown or Downtown. If you click on her, this will pop up like last time:


Click Start to start your journey on becoming broke! Here are the items which have been sold so far, and their prices:

Price: 15,000 gold
Price: 15,000 gold
Price: 12,000 gold
Price: 15,000 gold
Price: 8,000 gold

Uhm, 8,000 gold for a pair of boots? :/


If you have OCD and only want to wear things in their set, you can always look in the upper right hand corner. There, you can see what items are in a set.

Items are released a 10 A.M. Fantage Standard Time and again at 4 P.M. Fantage Standard Time in batches of 50 items. This was actually a pretty decent idea, as if you miss the first set you can always be there for the next release. Another good thing is that you don’t have to refresh to get the items anymore! So, you can just sit there waiting on the page until they are released.


Aside from the exclusive items, the Trendsetter items have finally been updated!


Instead of 2365 items, there is now 2397 items for girls which include the items from the previous 5 events. This includes both exclusive item events.

fg.PNGAs for guys, there are now 2328 items instead of 2300. They still haven’t quite updated Trendsetters, as the ranking are a bit off.

Oh wow, I just realized in about a month will mark my 3 year anniversary on Fantage!

The rankings still have the original count for how many Trendsetter items you have. The new items do count for your score, though.

Other Things


Did anyone else experience this on Thursday? When I tried to log into the more populated servers, Fantage would load from 32% to 33% to this message…


For the first time in forever, I actually got something decent in Lucky Bot! Sadly, I already used up all the ecoins on bonus levels. 25,000 ecoins for some levels, but I had no other good use for them. 😛 As a member, I can buy all the shop items I want with stars, and just using the jackpot on more Lucky Bot chances would be a waste of ecoins because I’d probably get tons of furniture anyways.

Oh my, why are you heartbroken?

Earlier today, Sunstar reached this level! 1234 is such a glorious number. Perhaps it’s even more lovely than the one and only leet, 1337.

MyMall has been brewing with some great deals, so if you’re not buying any Exclusive items, you can search the floors of MyMall for some great deals. I got a hair for 3k gold, when it’s actually worth 12k!


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Spanish Server Cheats + New Limiteds?

Many Fantagians are quite upset about some of the new updates, such as the Beach Fashion Show option removed. However, you can actually still play it!

Here’s how you do it!


Step One: Log onto to the Spanish version of Fantage. The Spanish server doesn’t have as much lag, and isn’t updated so you can still experience old cheats/tricks on it if you haven’t already.  If you want “old Fantage” back, this is as close as you’ll get.

Step Two: Go to Top Models. Simple enough, right?


Step 3: Click on the curtains, the NPC, or the “Jugar” button to start playing!



Step 4: Go ahead and play! You can either join a fashion show, or host your own. There are two modes, Desfile de Moda de Playa and Desfile de Moda de Supermodelos.  Desfile de Moda de Playa is the Beach option, and Desfile de Moda de Supermodelos is regular fashion show. The regular fashion show will be in the old format, though.


By clicking on the orange button which says “Organiza un desfile de moda”, you can host your own fashion show.

I took this picture today! Hello, beach fashion show.
The old format!

The only downside to this is that almost everything is in Spanish. Spanish and English do have a lot of cognates, which are words that look alike. And most people do know a little bit of Spanish these days. If you don’t know any Spanish, host a fashion show and look at all the options and write them down. Then, put them in a translator to figure out what they mean. So when you play Fashion show in Spanish, you’ll understand what everything is saying. 😀

You can also find the carnival in the Spanish server which looks quite different from the carnival in English Fantage. Cool, right?

There’s also a snowman at Mt. Fantage. Do you wanna build a snowman?

There’s a streetlight in Uptown. By clicking on the red button under it, you can change the light from red to green!



The Spanish version also has no gold.

Zack’s Acting Academy?


There’s double star coupons, too.


It has the old layout to welcome you when you log on. 😮


There’s no PM boutique and no MyMall. However, there’s the Vintage shop, but you can’t enter it. The “cerrado” sign means to stop, so it’s basically stopping you to enter or else.

There’s no cruise, leading you to just see vast blue seas. Who knows how I got my Fantagian out of the picture?

Time to talk about the new prom/wedding apparel Fantage will be releasing!


I really love all of the items here! There’s a pastel theme going on in the cherry blossom set if I’m correct. The braid reminds me of Elsa’s hairstyle from Frozen. The only negative comment I have to make is Why wedding items? There’s already enough “bae” drama on Fantage, and now people might as well get married.


Combat? Bubble gun? I think I’ve already gotten a gist of what might happen during this event. Some NPC has to go to war/fight off an enemy of Fantage while the bride is there sobbing and trying to help too. The braid is a hairstyle which can be worn while fighting and you can still look fabulous for your wedding. XD And the enemy’s weakness might be bubbles..?


And in the making of this post, this advertisement was on my screen.  Yeah, let’s make the children on Fantage date an online person on a game you have to download. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if a Fantagian actually downloaded it, because 90% of Fantagians are desperate to have virtual love. :/


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