Hi! I am cutiecake4321 and welcome to my blog! I am a very friendly person and I love playing Fantage!


  1. I started playing Fantage in May 2013, and became a member for the first time in July 2013.
  2. I was introduced to Fantage through my cousin, goldie114, and was inspired to blog because of the famous Fantage blog, Fantageville.
  3. I’m a HUGE MyMallian, you’d see me there for about 2 hours straight on a regular basis!
  4. I love fashion, especially styling shop items from the Fantage shops.
  5. I’ve bought a lot of gold….
  6. I’m really young for a Fantage blogger.
  7. I love to cook and bake.
  8. I’m an A student.
  9. My Fantage level is 1500+ (currently a member)

Fantagebirds is a blog that was started in August 2014 with a goal to help and inspire people. The blog’s owner is cutiecake4321. If you want you meet her on Fantage, you may spot her on the largest server around 3:00 P.M Eastern Time Zone on weekdays. She loves to help people learn and discover new things. If you need help on any subject on Fantage, just comment below on what you need help on! If there are any other questions or comments, please comment them below also!


64 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey CutieCake! Can you please check your email?
    You have until September 1st to finish the Gold post. Please do, unless you decide on forfeiting to become an admin on FantageRop!


      1. Ah. Well, just tell me if you don’t want to work! Just letting you know that I loved your eCoin post, by the way. A very unique way of saying the methods! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey CutieCake. Do you have an email? I really want to talk to you about something 🙂 Your probably just going to ignore this comment but if you have an email can you please let me know what it is? Thanks!


      1. Okay well when we were having that… Argument lets say? I got very offended which I guess I shouldn’t of because you were just being honest. I really want to now take AnnaArso’s advice to take your advice to help myself become a better person. Not sure if that made sense… So I was kind of wondering if you could um help me? To become a better person… So can you help me or no?

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Erm idk.. Now I sound stupid :/ Well before you said “Sorry but Sarah, I don’t like you..” well why don’t you like me? If you tell me why you don’t like me that can maybe help me to improve on my self.


              1. Ok.. Well I will try and not spam alot and post more useful posts. Also is there anyway we can be friends? Because I really want to be friends with you… And also I might make a post saying for people to leave comments of what they think can help me to become a better person. Do you think that is a bad idea or good?


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